More On The NSIDC BS

Mark Serreze claims Arctic ice extent is the lowest on record for March

ScreenHunter_1308 Mar. 20 19.39

The Danish Meteorological Institute shows that Arctic ice extent is higher than 2006.

ScreenHunter_8038 Mar. 21 06.27

The animation below compares maps from 2006 and 2015. There is substantially more ice than 2006.  Note that the University of Illinois changed their eye-altitude since 2006, due to an error I found in their maps in 2008. This causes some distortion, but I lined the maps up as closely as possible.


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Before Coal Caused Cyclones, Cyclones Caused Coal

Climate experts say that burning coal causes cyclones, but they used to say that cyclones caused burning coal.

ScreenHunter_8036 Mar. 20 22.20


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Latest From The JV President

Last year, the JV president declared Yemen a success story

As he laid out his plan to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State insurgency, President Barack Obama told the nation Wednesday night that he planned to pursue the extremists who have seized much of Syria and Iraq just as the U.S. has done “successfully” in Yemen and Somalia. For those familiar with the ongoing collapse of those two states, Obama set a low bar.

Touting Yemen, Somalia as success stories, Obama sets low bar for Iraq | Al Jazeera America

And today :

Suicide attacks at Yemen mosques kill more than 100

Previously unknown Sanaa Province group claims responsibility for the bombings

Suicide attacks at Yemen mosques kill more than 100

After proving over and over again that he is completely incompetent, Obama wants to bypass Congress to give Iran nuclear weapons.

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As expected, NSIDC claims a record low maximum.

ScreenHunter_1308 Mar. 20 19.39

Archived images show that there is more ice now than 2006, a lot more on the Atlantic side.

ScreenHunter_1309 Mar. 20 19.55

In 2012 I caught them pulling this trick

NSIDCsNatureTrickNSIDC’s 2012 Nature Trick

Just more propaganda from Serreze. Nothing to do with science.

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Obama Buys Home Doomed By Sea Level Rise

Obama wants sea level skeptics silenced, as he buys a multi-million dollar house ten feet from the sea.

ScreenHunter_1301 Mar. 20 15.26


Obviously he is not worried about sea level rise. He is indeed the most transparent(ly dishonest) person in history.

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US Is Experiencing The Least Extreme Weather On Record

The US is experiencing unprecedented quiet weather. The exact opposite of the lies being propagated by the White House.

ScreenHunter_1300 Mar. 20 14.41

Storm Prediction Center WCM Page

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A Generation Of Brainwashed Useful Idiots

NPR Propaganda works.

ScreenHunter_1296 Mar. 20 13.14

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