Government Agencies Set Record Arctic Fraud

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Arctic sea ice sets wintertime record low thanks to global warming

Total BS. Arctic sea ice is normal everywhere except the Barents Sea.

N_daily_extent (9)

N_daily_extent.png (420×500)

The “hot” weather Serreze is talking about was -20C.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

There is nothing in the least alarming going on.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Here is the same story from 1922. Winter temperatures were up 15 degrees, glaciers disappearing, and no ice on the north shore of Svalbard.  This year there is ice on the north shore of Svalbard. The winter of 2015-2016 was apparently not as warm as the winter of 1922.

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According to NASA, 1922 was one of the coldest years ever.

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And perhaps most disgusting of all is the lie that ice records began in 1979. The 1990 IPCC report had satellite ice records back to the early 1970’s – when ice extent was low. NSIDC just doesn’t want you to know about it.

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There is nothing going on in the Arctic. It is all just propaganda from the usual cast of government grant funded clowns. Serreze also predicted the North Pole would be ice-free in 2008.

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Arctic Ice Extent Discrepancy: NSIDC versus Cryosphere Today

Could all Arctic ice be gone by 2012?

The Arctic is screaming said Mark Serreze

December 2007.

Image 43


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Mikey Doesn’t Like It!


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After attacking me with a bunch of BS, Michael “An Embarrassment To The Profession” Mann has deleted my response. He can’t win a debate, so he censors.


(31) Michael E. Mann – Another must-read from Greg Fishel, who catches…

This was my response, which is now gone.


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Mikey Likes It!


(31) Michael E. Mann – Another must-read from Greg Fishel, who catches…

My response:


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How Do You Hide 130 Billion Tons Of Ice?

In 2014, The Danish Meteorological Institute showed that Greenland’s surface gained 130 Billion tons of ice during the 2011-2012 time period. Now they show that Greenland gained no ice during that period.


Here are the original files:

accumulatedsmb (1)

2014 version


2016 Version

How did DMI lose 1,300 trillion snow cones of ice? Only a climate scientist can answer that question.

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The Heatwave Of March 27, 1910

The US experienced an incredible heatwave during this week in 1910. Temperatures of 70 degrees were recorded all the way up to Lake Superior, and Salem, Indiana reached 97 degrees.

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NASA says that 1910 was right at the bottom of the coldest years ever.

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Happy Easter To Mac Users

Look carefully at the post below. ↓

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Pulling Back The Curtain Version 1.6

An exciting new release for Windows, and the first Mac version.

Version 1.6 allows you to do daily comparisons between two years, like the one below – which shows how incredibly hot the summer of 1936 was.Screenshot 2016-03-26 at 07.50.52 PM

If you select two years to plot, you get a graph like this, which shows the record hot months of March 1907 and 1910.


If you select only one year, you get the average, minimum and maximum for the time period graphed..


This plot shows how Wisconsin summer temperatures peaked in 1901, and bottomed out in 2009.


Mac download :


Windows download the zip file by clicking here.


Or alternatively replace these two files in your current directory:

PullingBackTheCurtain.exe          us_stations.txt

As always, the software is completely free and contains nothing nefarious. Some people get warnings from their virus protection extortion software.

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