All Hurricanes Are Now The Most Powerful Ever

Hurricane experts now declare every storm to be the most powerful on record. In  2013, they declared Typhoon Yolanda at Tacloban to be the most powerful storm ever.


Tacloban Survived the World’s Strongest Recorded Storm, but Only Just | TIME

This year experts declared Hurricane Patrica to be the strongest storm on record, and blamed the lack of damage at landfall as retroactively caused by what happened after it made landfall. (Utter morons.)


Comparing Hurricane Patricia and Typhoon Haiyan – The New York Times

The one thing that global warming experts never do is check the historical record. Because that would show that they are dishonest, incompetent political hacks – not scientists.


29 Nov 1912, Page 1 – at


29 Nov 1897, Page 1 – at

Atlantic hurricanes have dropped 80% since experts declared 2005 to be “the new normal”


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Major Hurricane in In 1635 Convinced Puritans That Apocalypse Is Imminent

New England hasn’t been hit by a major hurricane in over 60 years, but the 1635 storm had 130 MPH winds, snapped trees like “pick-up sticks” and convinced the Puritans “the apocalypse was imminent”


23 Nov 2006, Page 31 – at

Religious nutcases in New England like Bill McKibben still believe that the apocalypse is near, and caused by Exxon. And experts now say that the winds of Hurricane Patricia, which weren’t strong enough to snap trees, were over 200 MPH. And Senator Whitehouse from Rhode Island advocates new witch trials to purge skeptics who cook the weather through evil anti-consensus thoughts.

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NASA Has Known Since 1971 That CO2 Is Not Dangerous, Yet Lied To The Public Continuously

New York State is investigating Exxon for telling the truth about CO2 in 1976, but the big story is that NASA and NCAR have known since 1971 that CO2 is not dangerous – yet have lied to the public about this for over 30 years.

In 1971, the top climatologists at NCAR and NASA reported that a runaway greenhouse effect is not possible, because the CO2 absorption spectra is nearly saturated already.


This is exactly what NCAR’s current radiative transfer models show. Adding more CO2 has very little effect on downwelling longwave radiation.

ScreenHunter_4722 Nov. 18 11.05

But it is worse than it seems. Scientists have actually known for 115 years that CO2 is not dangerous.

Knut Ångström, asked an assistant to measure the passage of infrared radiation through a tube filled with carbon dioxide. The assistant (“Herr J. Koch,” otherwise unrecorded in history) put in rather less of the gas in total than would be found in a column of air reaching to the top of the atmosphere. The assistant reported that the amount of radiation that got through the tube scarcely changed when he cut the quantity of gas back by a third. Apparently it took only a trace of the gas to “saturate” the absorption — that is, in the bands of the spectrum where CO2 blocked radiation, it did it so thoroughly that more gas could make little difference.

The Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Effect

The evidence of fraud is overwhelming. An essential component of greenhouse gas theory is that a hotspot will appear in the upper troposphere. It hasn’t happened.


New Satellite Upper Troposphere Product: Still No Tropical “Hotspot” « Roy Spencer, PhD

Satellites show that there has been about 0.1C warming over the past 25 years. Even less than the sensitivity calculated by Rasool and Schneider in 1971


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

All of the climate models have overestimated warming, many by a large amount.

CMIP5-73-models-vs-obs-20N-20S-MT-5-yr-means1 (1)

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.

Richard P. Feynman

Catastrophic global warming theory has failed. But rather than tell the truth and lose their reputations and funding, NASA and NOAA scientists have chosen to tamper with the data and continue lying to the public about something they have known is not a problem – for 45 years.


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Arctic Sea Ice Growth Continues At A Record Pace

The Danish Meteorological Institute produces this graph of Arctic sea ice extent, which is the best graph available from any data source. It shows Arctic ice growing at a record pace, and the highest of any year since at least 2004.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

The features of this graph which make it more meaningful than the largely useless graphs from NSIDC and other sources are :

  1. They show the extent of 30% concentration ice, rather than 15%. This is a smaller number, but a better indication of the condition of the ice.
  2. It masks off don’t-care coastal zones.
  3. It shows the full range of years going back to 1995.
  4. They don’t tamper with data, like NSIDC did on April 17, 2012


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1971 Stunner : NASA And NCAR Knew That Catastrophic Global Warming Was A Farce

In 1971, NASA and NCAR’s top climatologists knew that even a massive increase in atmospheric CO2 would produce less than 2 degrees warming. The entire basis of the catastrophic global warming scam has been known to be a fraud from day one.

2015-11-07-12-30-092015-11-07-12-30-39 failed to load

This is consistent with what radiative transfer models and satellite temperatures show. Without NASA and NOAA data tampering, the entire scam would have collapsed a decade ago.

h/t to Marc Morano

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What Is Fun About This?

I had to drive down to Fredricksburg, Virginia yesterday. This meant leaving at 6 am to miss the traffic on the Beltway. I waited until 6 pm to return home, and got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic all the way back to Gaithersburg. By the time I dropped off the car, and took the Taxi home, it was 9 PM. The whole day shot.

My normal life involves commuting by Internet, bicycle or train. Driving completely sucks. I don’t understand what people like about it.

Future generations will need the petroleum for plastics, medicine, lubrication and many other reasons. We need to stop wasting it.

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Bald Eagle On The Potomac


Riding up to Harper’s Ferry this morning I got lucky and saw this beauty across the river in Virginia.

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