CU Fails To Stop Global Warming

The regents of the University of Colorado failed to vote to stop global warming, and were immediately punished by another overheated atmosphere blizzard

ScreenHunter_8647 Apr. 17 05.08

Students were very angry about this, and stepped out of their fossil fuel powered dormitory,  after taking a fossil fuel powered showers, and eating fossil fuel powered meals – to protest fossil fuels. They immediately expressed their disappointment on their fossil fuel powered phones and computers over the fossil fuel powered Internet.

ScreenHunter_8648 Apr. 17 05.09CU regents say no to fossil-fuel divestment – Boulder Daily Camera

CU professor Mark Williams warned in February that snow will soon be a thing of the past in Boulder.

ScreenHunter_8650 Apr. 17 05.30

The threat of global warming on the Colorado ski season  CU Independent

His warning was very timely, as February was the second snowiest month in Boulder history.

To date, NWS reported, the city has seen 112.6 inches of total accumulation, well above the September-to-April average of 87.5.   The discrepancy is a credit to a record-setting February, in which 54.8 inches fell. Had 2 more inches fallen that month, it would have been the snowiest month ever in Boulder’s record books, but March 1970 still holds the crown.

Our institutions of higher learning are populated by brilliant professors, creating brilliant students.

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Scientific American Says Global Warming Is Occurring Both Faster And Slower Than Expected

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Climate Scientists Recycling The Same Excuses, Decade After Decade

Climate scientists are blaming their failed global warming predictions on cool Pacific currents

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Pacific Current Change Slowed Global Warming – Scientific American

This is the identical excuse Hansen used in 1988 for his failed global warming prediction

ScreenHunter_7679 Mar. 04 06.44

Ellensburg Daily Record – Google News Archive Search

After another 19 years of no warming, will they still be using  the same excuses?

ScreenHunter_8369 Apr. 05 22.42

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Disappearing Great Lakes Update

With Great Lakes ice extent blowing away all records for two years in a row, the National Wildlife Federation says Great Lakes ice is about to disappear forever.

ScreenHunter_8628 Apr. 16 07.04
ScreenHunter_8626 Apr. 16 07.04
ScreenHunter_8627 Apr. 16 07.04

Global Warming and the Great Lakes – National Wildlife Federation

ScreenHunter_8624 Apr. 16 07.01

20150413180000_CVCHDCTGL_0008216680.gif (1100×850)

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Latest Drought Research

For the first time, climate scientists have been able to ferret out the highly correlated relationship between grant money and attribution of weather.

ScreenHunter_8620 Apr. 16 06.15

Climate at a Glance: Time Series | National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

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Climate Challenge Quiz

Match the climate expert with their childhood picture

CCs-cSbVAAAiKRo ScreenHunter_8616 Apr. 16 05.48 ScreenHunter_8617 Apr. 16 05.49CCr6mcSWMAAABu0
ScreenHunter_8618 Apr. 16 06.06 ScreenHunter_8623 Apr. 16 06.52

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Settled Science At The EPA

The EPA says that pollution has greatly diminished over the past 45 years, has continued to decrease, and that this decline in pollution prevents hundreds of thousands of cases of disease every year.

ScreenHunter_8607 Apr. 16 05.07

Air Pollution and the Clean Air Act | US Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA also says that pollution is getting worse, is causing more heatwaves, and is impacting health

ScreenHunter_8613 Apr. 16 05.19Learn About Carbon Pollution From Power Plants | Carbon Pollution Standards | US EPA

The EPA also says that the US is experiencing far fewer heatwaves than it did 80 years ago.

ScreenHunter_8614 Apr. 16 05.23High and Low Temperatures | Climate Change | US EPA

The EPA also says that the US is experiencing more heatwaves than it did 85 years ago.

ScreenHunter_8615 Apr. 16 05.25High and Low Temperatures | Climate Change | US EPA

The science is settled. Pollution is getting both better and worse, producing both more and less disease, and both more and less heatwaves.

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