Climate Fraudster James Hansen Wants “A Few More Years”

Hansen claims that his models predicted Antarctic sea ice expansion

In this sense, expanding Antarctic sea ice might be anything but good news.

Indeed, in the troubling scenario outlined by Hansen and his colleagues, it’s part of a series of feedbacks that lead to rapid sea level rise. “Amplifying feedbacks, including slowdown of [the Southern ocean’s overturning circulation] and cooling of the near-Antarctic ocean surface with increasing sea ice, may spur nonlinear growth of Antarctic ice sheet mass loss,” write Hansen and his colleagues.

“Effects of freshwater injection and resulting ocean stratification are occurring sooner in the real world than in our model,” they add.

Reached by phone, Hansen added that one reason he thinks the model he is using is is right — and other models are not — is that it captures Antarctic sea ice expansion. “All the other models have sea ice disappearing as the planet get warmer,” he says. He also thinks the Antarctic ice expansion trend will continue, along with ice sheet melt.

It will be clearer, give us a few more years,” he says.

Climate change skeptics may be about to lose one of their favorite arguments – The Washington Post

Give him a few more years? Thirty years ago he predicted peak sea ice loss right where the peak ice gain has occurred in Antarctica. The exact opposite of what he claims now.

ScreenHunter_2647 Jul. 29 09.58

Hansen is a completely incompetent hack with a big mouth who has been wrong about everything. That makes him the world’s greatest climate scientist.

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Climate Moron Of The Day

You just can’t make up stupid like this.

Nation’s capital sinking into the sea, study says

new research from the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Vermont shows that the land in the district — where the Lincoln Memorial was built on silt dredged from the Potomac River — is expected to fall 6 inches or more during the next 100 years, raising flood fears and adding to worries about the effect of rising sea levels on low-lying cities across the USA.  “It’s ironic that the nation’s capital, the place least responsive to the dangers of climate change, is sitting in one of the worst spots it could be,” Paul Bierman, a geologist at the University of Vermont in Burlington and senior author of a new paper about Washington’s descent, said in a statement. “Will the Congress just sit there with their feet getting ever wetter?”

Nation’s capital sinking into the sea, study says

This genius does a study about land subsidence, and somehow ties it to a topic (climate) he obviously understands nothing about. Is he actually stupid enough to believe that Congress controls sea level? No one in Congress has wet feet. The Lincoln Memorial is thirty feet above the River.

Washington flooded in 1936, due to water flowing down the Potomac. It has nothing to do with the ocean or sea level.

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Today’s Featured Climate Criminal – James Hansen

James Hansen claimed this week that Greenland is melting down and will drown coastal cities.

It is July 28, and temperatures in the interior of Greenland are -21C

ScreenHunter_2641 Jul. 28 18.11


Eighty five percent of Greenland’s surface has gained mass over the last year.

ScreenHunter_2642 Jul. 28 18.14

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Fraudsters like James Hansen have gotten used to lying with impunity decade after decade, and having the press lap it up – they seem to think that no lie is too big to get away with.

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Saving The Planet

I’ve been an environmentalist all my life. I fought for the Clean Air Act and wilderness in the 1970’s. I volunteered as a wilderness ranger two summers in the 1980’s. I ride my bicycle everywhere, and won’t get in a car unless I have no other choice.

My goal now is to stop this mindless global warming scam, which distracts from real problems and leads greens to madness  – building unbelievably destructive things like wind farms.

ScreenHunter_2640 Jul. 28 16.08

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Hot Days In The Midwest Occur Half As Often As They Did 100 Years Ago

One of the greatest frauds being pushed by climate criminals is the idea that (imaginary) global warming is making summer temperatures hotter in the US. In fact, the frequency of hot days in the midwest has dropped by more than 50% over the past century.

ScreenHunter_10020 Jul. 28 11.25

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Arctic Sea Ice Recovery

There has been a huge increase in the amount of old, thick Arctic sea ice over the last three years. This is due to a change in winter winds, which is now preserving the ice rather than pushing it out into the North Atlantic.


If this trend continues, the ice will be back to 1980’s levels within about five years.

Climate criminals will not report this, because it is their job to create propaganda for the White House – not discuss facts.

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Another Day Of Heavy Snow In Southwest Greenland

It is July 27, and they are getting snow almost to the coast of southwest Greenland. Same as a day earlier.

ScreenHunter_10013 Jul. 28 08.02

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

They are having their coldest year since the Mt Pinatubo cooled year of 1993.

ScreenHunter_10014 Jul. 28 08.09

This is an area that was farmed by the Vikings, but is now much too cold. Their two week long growing season is over. Temperatures there have plummeted over the past decade.

ScreenHunter_10015 Jul. 28 08.15

10-Day Temperature Outlook

The very short melt season is Greenland has come to an abrupt end, with a net gain of 300 billion tons of ice over the past year.

ScreenHunter_10016 Jul. 28 08.16

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Climate criminals claim that Greenland is melting down, and that there never was a Medieval Warm Period – because they are paid by politicians to lie and fabricate fake temperature data.

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