Progressives Believe The Koch Brothers Are More Powerful Than The Gods

ScreenHunter_7567 Mar. 01 09.11 Do a dance to the snow god, bring back winter | The Seattle Times

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The New Normal

Compare this year vs last. Nearly identical record breaking cold at the beginning of March. Government experts say it is the hottest weather ever, because they are paid to lie.

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Waste Not, Want Not

We waste huge amounts of energy in the US because of poor building practices and poor traffic management. Improving those would improve quality of life, cut down energy bills, and add more quality time to everybody’s day.

I’m off on my bicycle to Whole Foods, with my new touchpad.

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How About Doing Some Actual Science, Mikey?

Instead of spouting mindless BS like Trenberth and Mann do about Boston snow, how about doing some actual science?

Boston has had their driest snow on record this winter

ScreenHunter_7537 Feb. 28 13.46

Boston is having one of their coldest winters on record.

ScreenHunter_7534 Feb. 28 13.25

Colder winters in Boston have more snow. Warmer winters in Boston have less snow

ScreenHunter_7533 Feb. 28 13.22

Mann and Trenberth say that excess moisture caused by global warming has caused the deep snow in Boston. There isn’t one shred of evidence to back that up. There has been no increase in winter precipitation at Boston, and this year doesn’t even rank in the top ten.

ScreenHunter_7536 Feb. 28 13.41

It is snowing, because it is cold.

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Hottest Winter Ever Update

Today is the last day of meteorological winter.

NCDC says this was one of the hottest winters ever in the US, with record snow cover coast to coast, and record ice on the Great Lakes

ScreenHunter_7527 Feb. 28 09.48 glsea_cur (3)

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Innoculating The Public Against Climate FundraisingTactics

ScreenHunter_7517 Feb. 28 08.04

ScreenHunter_7516 Feb. 28 08.03

The big melt: Antarctica’s retreating ice reshapes Earth – The Santa Fe New Mexican: News

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Three Feet Of Snow For The New Mexico Permanent Drought

A few weeks ago, Senator Tom Udall announced the death of New Mexico due to global warming. The forecast this weekend is for three and as much as five feet of new snow in the mountains.

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