The IPCC Proofreading Process

Step 1 : Publish a nonsensical claim that Himalayan glaciers will be gone in 25 years.

Step 2 : Write off expert criticism of the bogus claim as “voodoo science”

The IPCC’s chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, has hit back, denouncing the Indian government report as “voodoo science” lacking peer review. He adds that “we have a very clear idea of what is happening” in the Himalayas.

Step 3 : Claim that they were unaware of the problem

“That’s ridiculous. It never came to my attention before the Copenhagen summit. It wasn’t in the public sphere.”

I pointed it out [the error] to you in several e-mails, several discussions, yet you decided to overlook it. Was that so that you did not want to destabilise what was happening in Copenhagen?”

Step 4 : Deny any accountability :

You can’t expect me to be personally responsible for every word in a 3,000 page report,”

Step 5 : Reappoint Pachauri, for being incompetent and dishonest.


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5 Responses to The IPCC Proofreading Process

  1. James Sexton says:

    Best thing that can happen for the skeptical side!

    In other breaking news, a real death spiral is observed!

    Libtards continue to feed on their own! Don’t you miss the old fashion libtardness when being honest about ones feelings was sacrosanct?

  2. Philip Finck says:

    Whoops, so much for sequestering CO2 in that bottle.

  3. GregO says:


    Thanks for the link wow!

    From hearing Juan Williams report on NPR I just assumed he was a complete milquetoast run-of-the-mill lefty sensitive type; and here he get’s fired for exercising his right to freedom of speech. We live in interesting times, or, it’s worse than we thought!

  4. Marcia, Marcia says:

    Doesn’t that photo of Puch holding abottle of chapaign make you love him more?

    sarcasm off

  5. MikeA says:

    Absolutely, no news like old news! Keep ’em coming.

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