North Atlantic SST Anomalies Plummeting

Over the last three months, SST anomalies near western Europe have dropped as much as 5C.

Remember though, you aren’t qualified to understand this complicated map.

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13 Responses to North Atlantic SST Anomalies Plummeting

  1. Glen Shevlin says:

    Is there anyway to superimposse the current Gulf Stream location on this map?

  2. Paul H says:

    I am sure we can find some idle hippy to explain it to us.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    I am idle at the moment and was once a Hippie.
    With the solar output at the current low the warmth in the oceans has dissipated and there is not enough incoming energy to maintain ocean temperatures. There has been lots of talk about this happening ass a natural response to solar activity.
    The Gulf Stream has cooled relative to normal / average and that will transfer north where the yellow still remains cooling the area around Greenland soon.

    Or was I supposed to claim this is CONSISTENT with the model projections and a fingerprint of increased CO2 caused global warming.

  4. Lance says:

    I’m sure we can adjust those back to above temps….

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    I talked today to a U of MD professor. It was very cold and windy today and the professor commented that it was “environmentally related”. I asked him which way he thought we were going and he said “Ige Age”. Looking at that SST map, he might be on to something!

  6. Geezer1 says:

    I remember how Walt Meier of the NSDIC use to ship off a notice to you at WUWT every time that there was an increase in SST this past year. I haven’t noticed any such comments lately about decreasing SST. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

  7. Andy Weiss says:

    That SST chart shows above normal water temperatures north of Alaska. How can it be above normal water temperatures when it’s all ice covered. Do they stick something thru the ice to measure the temps underneath?

    • AD33 says:

      Below that Ice, is water and the same rivers of salt water that make the Gulf Stream and Loop Current flow around the world and all the way under the arctic glaciers. The possible cause of cooling in the North Atlantic is a massive release of cold fresh water caused by the opening of the NW passage west of Greenland. However, that is one theory.

  8. Ya but………

    Trenberth’s heat is deeper in the ocean than the surface. It moving in the ocean, kinda like that Talking Heads song. Don’t look under your bed, the heat is there and will get you.

  9. Without an El Nino feeding heat to the Northern Hemisphere from the Hudson Bay to Greenland the melt in that area will be slower next spring than last spring. Bad news for the death spiral people.

  10. AD33 says:

    I am not an AGW supporter. There was one comment than mentioned the lull in solar activity. Sorry, but large bodies of water tend to heat up and cool down very slowly. Despite the Sun’s recent CME, the physics of water doesn’t change. Since that is an SST anomaly map, the Gulf Stream, Loop current and Canary current off of Africa are figured in. Personally, I’d look at the “Northwest Passage”. Since it opened in 2007, a massive flow of cold fresh water is flowing directly in the path of the Gulf Stream. That cold fresh water will block the Gulf Stream, causing cold water to pool to the north and warm water to pool in equatorial regions. Ultimately this will create stronger more violent storm systems for the N Atlantic due to the clash between warm and cold air. There is a very slight possibility that this is the precursor to a “little ice age”. Let’s all hope that this isn’t the case.

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