Delete This, Mike

According to our most honorable scientists, this never happened.

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4 Responses to Delete This, Mike

  1. Ivan says:

    Mann’s “Hockey Stick” repudiated back in 2001, in this study of Indian heat waves.
    Also note that Figure 5 indicates that 1892 was the hottest year in India.

    Click to access 867.pdf

    pg. 872-873

    “Thapliyal and Kulshrestha have studied temperature data of about 120 years from 1870 and indicated considerable year-to-year random fluctuations. Temperature has shown slight warming within the limits of one standard deviation over a century. However, fluctuating epochal decreasing or increasing trends have been noted in the surface temperature. While certain regions of the country such as the west coast, interior peninsula, north central India, and north-east India have shown warming, other regions have either shown slight cooling or no noticeable trends at all. Mann et al. concluded, with the help of proxy climate indicator along with very long instrumental record, that the 20th century was the warmest in 600 years and the three warmest years of the 1990s are hotter than any period since the middle ages.
    Global warming has been discerned from studies on temperature fluctuations which have revealed an increase of a few tenths of a degree at some places during the course of last 50 years or so. An attempt was made to see whether global warming was making anomalously hot spells more frequent and intense. Figure 5 shows the mean anomaly of average maximum temperatures of these 28 stations in different years. There is no systematic slow increase of mean anomaly as per global warming signal. The pronounced heating in April 1999 cannot therefore be linked with global warming and is attributable to local anomalous circulation settling over India and its neighbourhood. According to a recent WMO Bulletin, 1999 as a whole has been in the series of anomalously hot years. This study indicates that only April 1999 and no other April in 1990s has been so hot. It shows an anomaly on the scale of a month. Again it is to be noted that April in 1892 was relatively hotter than 1999 over north-west and central India. “

  2. Ivan says:

    Also – an interesting and detailed study of Californian sequoia tree-rings from 1911 (and with no “Nature trick”) is discussed here (Aug 1912):
    “Big Trees and Climate – Revealing History’s Secret”

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