This Is Berkeley After All …….

One month ago I wrote this about the Berkeley scam.


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24 Responses to This Is Berkeley After All …….

  1. suyts says:

    Yeh, after his testimony yesterday, it is confirmed. Our bias against Berkeley is well founded.

  2. kramer says:

    When I 1st heard that this project was from Berkeley, I got suspicious. That city reminds me of Moscow-West. Same for San Fran…

  3. Latitude says:

    why do climate scientists all seem to have the “rode hard and put up wet” look?

  4. Tourist in Chief says:

    I had been hoping there might be a rare glimpse of reality because Judith has dallied with truth here and there….

  5. John DeFayette says:

    Don’t give up hope yet. The written testimony from Dr. Muller yesterday is a lot more complete than the words that the press so happily picked up. The full test is realistic, it highlights the unknowns and outlines all of the work that still has to be done before we have reliable results.

    Except for that “surprise” that the initial, randomly selected data fits the well-known curves BEFORE any of the biases have been removed–that’s not much of a surprise to much of the world.

    If the project is up to its promise it will all be lain out for everyone to poke at before long now. We can only hope.

  6. Greg Lauzon says:

    You guys do know that Muller is a physicist, right? And that he taught a class that was podcasted in which he lambasted Al Gore over and over for using misleading tactics? And that that might be a strong indication that he is not in the pocket for one side or the other?

    But now that his data is in, and it seems to support the notion of manmade global warming, he must be a complete idiot, right?

    Reality — what a bitch.

  7. Greg Lauzon says:

    Dunno. Don’t really care. What I do know is that Muller is a Real Scientist, and there is every indication on this site that you are probably not. So I’ll take Muller’s word over yours. You should listen to his classes, btw. You might learn something!

    • A real scientist? That is exciting.

      You don’t care that he came to an earth-shaking conclusion before he did the research – particularly one which is not supported by his research?

      Real scientists believe in CAGW and receive funding towards that end.

    • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

      Greg Lauzon says:
      April 1, 2011 at 9:27 pm

      Dunno. Don’t really care. What I do know is that Muller is a Real Scientist

      Richard Lindzen is a scientist, a climate scientist. Muller is not a climate scientist. Read up on everything from Richard Lindzen.

    • suyts says:

      “So I’ll take Muller’s word over yours.”

      Here’s an ideal, genius. Instead of taking anybodies word, look at the numbers and facts yourself.

    • John Smith says:

      Well it’s clear from your response Greg that you have no scientific training at all. Real Scientist???? What is a Real Scientist Greg?

  8. Gator says:

    I hate to say ‘I told you so’. Scorpion, meet frog…

  9. Andy Weiss says:

    If a huge place like Russia is virutally 100% snowcovered on April 1st, it doesn’t seem apparent that we are getting catastrophic AGW. The warmists were more than happy to talk about Russia last summer.

  10. ThomasJ says:

    This has some elements to grow into a ‘BerkeleyGate’… ? 😉

  11. Mkjon says:

    How many more billions of dollars must be spent on the study of something that is not?
    Every department of our federal government has already spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the study of “Climate Change”.
    The state university that I graduated from with my degree in Chemical Engineering has a web page with a search engine. I searched for “climate Change” and fount that it has received multiple government grants to study the effect of climate change on different things and found millions of dollars, including 20 million dollars just during the past year.

  12. Robert of Ottawa says:

    Yes Muller’s testimony was a shocker to me. He not only said it was the worst problem ever, but that the temp rise was really big over the last century or so.

    But he hasn’t done the tests yet.

    I suspect he is just being politically correct to continue receiving fuinding.

    • Rattus Norvegicus says:

      There is a problem here, as the vast majority of the funding does not come from government sources.

  13. John H says:

    “The group has compiled 1.6 billion temperature measurements from 39,028 stations around the world, but used only two percent of these in the analysis. The stations used were picked at random, to avoid any bias towards older instruments (which have longer temperature records), poor quality stations, or any particular geographical region. But apart from these, no other sources of bias have been dealt with yet.”

    Muller is pretty open about the fact that these are preliminary findings and that his expressed views are a personal assessment rather than a definitive statement. This whole issue over the integrity of the temp record seems like a dead letter. If their is an argument to be made against the prevailing concensus over AGW, this is not the one.

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