1899 : Low CO2 Tornado In Wisconsin Killed 117 People


This tornado originated as a rather spectacular waterspout on Lake St. Croix, about 5 miles south of Hudson, Wisconsin. The funnel moved to the northeast, east of Hudson, in the direction of New Richmond. Three people were killed at two locations as farms were leveled near Burkhardt and Boardman. The tornado passed through New Richmond on a day in which about 1000 extra people had come from surrounding villages to watch a circus. The circus had ended about 1630 (4:30 PM). Passing through the very center of town, the tornado leveled all types of buildings. The massive amount of flying debris resulted in multiple deaths in at least 26 different families. Six families had four or more deaths. Over 300 buildings were damaged or destroyed. A 3000 pound safe was carried a full block. The damage was estimated at $300,000. The good visibility of the funnel may have prevented an even higher death total. While not a massive type of tornado, the combination of time and position was unfortunate.


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