Proof Of Climate Change

  1. It was hot last summer.
  2. It was cold last winter.
  3. There were floods.
  4. There were earthquakes.
  5. It snowed.

Additionally, my survey of two people tells me that more than 97% of them prefer to keep their paychecks coming.

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7 Responses to Proof Of Climate Change

  1. Edward says:

    Obviously the science is settled then Steve.

    Lets face it, now Charles [serial killer Manson] is onboard the alarmist climate hoax train…….it’s time for realists to stop laughing.

  2. MikeTheDenier says:

    A majority of the planet agrees with your survey

    GALLUP: Majority of Planet Doesn’t Believe ‘Global Warming’ Is Threat…

  3. GregGS says:

    You forgot to mention last spring, had April Showers and brought May Flowers.. and Bees.
    What’s the prognosis for this spring?

  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    97% of climate scientists (that ended up in that poll) want to keep the funding coming? What’s up with the other 3%???

  5. Sparks says:

    I recently conducted a similar poll between humans and ants, I asked humans (as I produced a magnifying glass) Can I use this magnifying glass to focus the power of the sun onto this small petri dish of Ants scurrying about minding their own business?

    The Answer was 99.99% NO ; The 00.01% was a Intelligent person who said “YES I think you can, Although I don’t want you to, It will hurt the ants.”

    I’ve asked the same question to a local population of ants and so far I’ve had no reply.

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