A Blight On Colorado

If it weren’t for Denver/Boulder, Colorado would be solidly conservative.

There are now more medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver than there are Starbucks. Glossy guidebooks list nearly 300 locations where Colorado’s 125,000 residents who have been prescribed medical marijuana can get their “medicine.” Many offer a free joint to new customers, allowing them to sample exotic strains like Jah Kush, Golden Goat and Romulan Cotton Candy.


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8 Responses to A Blight On Colorado

  1. P.J. says:

    “Many offer a free joint to new customers”

    The first hit is always free …

  2. dp says:

    Colorado has been off my route planning for touring on my motorcycle cross country. It was bad enough there when people were just drunk.

  3. Keith Grubb says:

    News alert…conservatives smoke weed too.

  4. Kaboom says:

    And there I thought self-determination was a conservative streak.

  5. Keith Grubb says:

    So your mind got all clouded up when you gave it a go? Bummer.

  6. NikFromNYC says:

    California has SF and Hollywood to thank.

  7. MrCannuckistan says:

    Let’s not forget “Colorado Crunchberry”. *grin*


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