Woe Unto Evil Ones Who Doubt The One True Faith

Can there be any doubt that the heretics of Christianity threatened the survival of Europe? Can there be any doubt that the Aztecs needed to make human sacrifices to keep the climate liveable? Can there be any doubt that Hawaiians had to make human sacrifices to stop the volcanoes? Can their be any doubt that the blasphemy of Infidels now threatens all the world? Can there be any doubt that Jews threatened the survival of Germany? Can there be any doubt that Armenians threatened the survival of Turkey?

What would we do without true believers keeping the world on track?

For Peter Vandermeersch, editor-in chief at the traditionally conservative daily NRC Handelsblad in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, there is no debate about climate change.
Absolutely, that’s a given,” he said. “The conviction has grown that climate change does exist, and that humans play a major role in how it evolves.”

“There’s almost no discussion about it,” agreed Wouter Verschelden, editor-in-chief at the progressive daily De Morgen in Brussels, Belgium. “The nonbelievers have been marginalized, and they aren’t taken seriously anymore. We don’t have to convince our readers anymore of the fact that there is climate change, and that it’s caused by humans.”


The climate changes – whoever could have imagined that? You mean there really were ice ages? You mean that the Anasazi no longer live in Chaco Canyon? You mean the Dust Bowl really happened? You mean that Greenland no longer has lush forests?

What would we do without the true believers of the one true CO2 faith? Man has sinned by producing unsanctioned CO2 – and the wrath of the trace gas gods is now upon us. Unless we repent and make sacrifices of money and feral camels, we will feel the full wrath of climate change.

Same lunatics, different religion.


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10 Responses to Woe Unto Evil Ones Who Doubt The One True Faith

  1. suyts says:

    Interesting. They’re in denial of whose been marginalized. Perhaps its different in the Netherlands, but I don’t think they’re devoid of an ability to read other sources of information. Right now, the alarmists are getting punked. And, they lack the courage and intellectual capacity to do anything about it. Temps….lower….but they blame higher temps on climatic events……which are on the decline. Sea level rise? ahahahahahhahahahahha Not. Tornadoes? Uhmm, on the decline other than this year. Oops, can’t claim this year as anything but weather. Its not climate. Hurricanes? Uhmm nope, Dr. Ryan definitively showed ain’t nothing happening there. Maybe they can go with dust storms…….waaaaahahahahhahahahhahahah!!!!

    The only thing I hope, is that the rest of the sane world will have the intelligence and fortitude to severely punish these idiots for the harm that they caused and the harm they attempted to cause. They are a pox on society and civilization and need to be dealt with accordingly.

    • Latitude says:

      Just remember…..we’re smarter than they are 😉

      ….was that supposed to be a white chicken or a red chicken

      • suyts says:

        We are smarter than they are. I wouldn’t want to be them when the world’s population realize this was just a ploy by Malthusian socialist misanthropists. English speaking nations tend to act a bit more restrained than others. The Romantic language speaking nations, OTOH, seem to react differently. If history is an example…….. The Marquis de Sade, the French Revolution, the reaction to Mussolini and all that. Oddly though, most of the advocates are of English speaking nations. There are a few others, but most are not nearly as ardent as the ones in the English speaking nations. Ironic, no?

  2. chris y says:

    There is a great summary of the ‘doing something’ argument over at collide-a-scape, by Tom Scharf (comment #14)-

    “1. We are warning you of a great catastrophe coming, but you cannot feel it or sense it yet.
    2. If we wait until you can sense it, it will be too late to do anything about it.
    3. In order to avoid this catastrophe, you must give us great amounts of money to implement solutions and societal change (that we just happen to have supported all along).
    4. After we implement our solutions, things will be the same as they are now. We will have saved the world.”


  3. GregO says:

    Count me as a non-believer in the man-made catastrophic global warming religion. There are real problems in the world – most of them we make for ourselves through bad governance, willful ignorance, vice, and poverty. Luckily, things just keep getting better even if we fail to acknowledge things like longer life-spans, better health, less poverty, better technology – especially communications technology – can you even imagine the field-day these hard-left neo-Marxists in the pro-AGW camp would be having were it not for the internet!

    Anyhow, give it ten or twenty years and people will be astounded at how a few feral pseudo-scientists and shallow intellectuals got away with suckering so many people with this man-made global warming baloney.

  4. Charles Higley says:

    Everybody who really thinks the end of the world is their fault can just do us a favor and end it for us by offing themselves. We would be so much better off when they save the world by ending their guilt and stop trying to transfer their guilt on to us all of the time.

  5. rw says:

    If I had more time (and if it could be measured) I’d try to determine whether the warmists’ assertions of certainty have become firmer over the past year, 3 years, etc. (e.g. how often is the phrase “it’s definite” used). Where I am (in the British Isles) it’s been decidedly cold all year. It’s now July, and I still feel comfortable in a sweater. The persistent coolness of weather is also mentioned on the radio. And someone the other day mentioned a friend in St. Petersburg who was evidently reporting the same thing. Hence, it’s probably also true for Holland, but I will have to check. So the divergence between what everyone feels and what the warmists are saying seems to be growing.

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