Shock News : Earth Survived Mud Cracks In The Past!

Alarmists love to use pictures of mud cracks as a sign that the world is coming to an end – due to evil human behavior. However, we find mud cracks all through the fossil record, indicating that mud actually dried in the past.

Alarmists apparently would prefer a world where mud never dries out, and just gets deeper and deeper until new glaciers come and cover it over. A constantly cold, wet world is the goal all alarmists want to see achieved.


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5 Responses to Shock News : Earth Survived Mud Cracks In The Past!

  1. Traitor in Chief says:

    I think they would just paint a picture of apocalypse from cold and wet, and consumption would still be the reason. Environmentalists are modern day Flagellants.

  2. DirkH says:

    “indicating that mud actually dried in the past.”

    For an overdose of commercial warmist climate pr0n (and seriously cracked soil):

  3. Jim Cole says:

    If you want to see an AGW proselyte (flagellant – I like that) blow steam out their ears, remind them that ice caps have been quite rare in Earth history. We just happen to live in a relatively quirky period of geologic time when sizeable ice caps exist and most of the equatorial ocean circulation has been diverted into longitudinal paths by plate tectonics (closed Panama, closed Tethys/Mediterranean Sea, closed Indonesian/Australian straits)

    That’s why we get more latitudinal variation in both weather and climate – and why sea level goes up and down a bit depending on how much ice is locked up on the poles.

    We’re damned lucky to live in the warm part of an unusually cold period of Earth history.

  4. David Appell says:

    Jim Cole: Yes, we’re lucky to live in the Holocene, but your ice cap statement is irrelevant. We live now, not 100,000 yrs ago, or a M yrs ago. Our cities are vulnerable to sea-level rise. Our agricultural systems are vulnerable to changing temperatures and precipitation patterns. And we have more people to feed every day.

    Your argument is too clever by half.

    • Latitude says:

      So….do you think it should get colder? or stay exactly the same?

      Sounds like you are making the case for some big plot from China, so they can grow more food….

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