Shock News : Climate Changed Before SUVs Were Invented!

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6 Responses to Shock News : Climate Changed Before SUVs Were Invented!

  1. Latitude says:

    This is so weird………..
    The only source for CO2 had to be volcanoes…..
    …..yet now we’re told that volcanoes make it colder
    What’s even weirder, is the second grasses evolved, CO2 levels tanked…….
    and have never gone back up again
    Which still doesn’t explain CO2 levels over 4000 ppm in an ice age……

    Climate science is really difficult to follow…………/snark

    • Dave N says:

      Dinosaurs had coal-fired power plants and drove around in SUVs, resulting in the high levels of CO2. As we know from alarmists, high levels of CO2 can cause lots of snow (depending on what CO2 decides at the time), thus sending the Earth into an ice age. QED.

  2. DERise says:

    Impossible. That’s like saying there were ozone holes before the invention of Freon, that DDT contributed to the decrease in tropical deseases following WWII, that there were periods of time in the past the were warmer then it is today. Pure fairy tales. Not real science. The floods today are unprecidented and the droughts are more wide spread that ever in history! It has never been as wet/dry as hot/cold as this before, and our models show it!

  3. Dave N says:

    Perhaps they should work out how CO2 levels managed to drop so much without a “carbon” tax. That is unless dinosaurs imposed one at the time, they turned off all their power plants, stopped driving their SUVs, their economy collapsed, and that’s why they died out.

    Seriously, these people are not capable of continued, logical thought.

  4. J Calvert N says:

    Was Antactica anywhere near the South Pole back then?

  5. Blade says:

    The phrasing that the author uses: “For most of the past 100 million years, the south pole was a tropical paradise, it transpires.” is deceptive. Since 2/3 of Antarctica was not within the circle until 100 mya, it looks to me that once it got there it was just a matter of time until the ice built up. At 65 mya wikipedia says icing began.

    Recent thread at WUWT …

    Where I assembled a timeline of Antarctica with data from Wikipedia (see the thread for links to animations and other good stuff from Bill Illis). This is what I had gathered (of course there is some play in the dates) …

    Assembled timeline with dates from wikipedia (indicated by ***):

    200 mya :: Antarctica part of super-continent ‘Gondwanaland’, approx 1/3 of Antarctica lying within Antarctic circle (from animation)

    160 mya :: Antarctica breaks off Africa ***

    125 mya :: Antarctica breaks off India ***

    100 mya :: Antarctica moved completely into Antarctic circle (from animation)

    65 mya :: Antarctica first ice appears ***

    40 mya :: Antarctica breaks off Australia ***

    23 mya :: Antarctica breaks off South America ***

    15 mya :: Antarctica mostly covered in ice ***

    6 mya :: Antarctica ice cap reaches present extent ***

    2.5 mya :: current Pleistocene ice-age begins

    12 kya :: current Holocene interglacial begins

    Better description: the continent was in the process of changing from tropical to hellish freezing. I am not sure I would talk of a tropical paradise except in the context of a tropical paradise being murdered by frigid climate change due to geography. What the hell does CO2 have to do with this? Nothing of course!

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