Tasiilaq Ice Cube Harvest Very Successful

The unprecedented heatindexwave in the US has created a huge demand for ice cubes. Greenland has been a primary beneficiary.

Sadly this town will be under 20 metres of water after the ice sheet melts down in 125,000 years.



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3 Responses to Tasiilaq Ice Cube Harvest Very Successful

  1. Blade says:

    Can someone please tell me why that lake there is not draining into the ocean and raising sea levels?

    • Gator says:

      Actually, as the lake fills from glacial meltwater, it pushes Greenland further down into the ocean and causes more seawater displacement, thereby raising Lake Powell’s waters. It’s called the ‘Guam Effected Tipping Radiative Entropy Anthro Loop’ (‘GETREAL and Lake Powell’; Johnson, Hansen, Schmidt et al 2010), and all sea level models incorporate this.

      • Blade says:


        I wonder if any of those people worrying about Greenland have seen our Great Lakes. My guess is that with some creative placement of Hydrogen bombs, we could liquefy those ice piles in less than the tens of thousands of years that mother nature will take.

        Geography should cause the majority to stay land-bound, whatever real runoff could be stopped with dams. FOUR birds with one stone …

        (1) Greenland would then be the number one supplier of freshwater to the world. Little plastic bottles with Vikings on the label would become all the rage.

        (2) Greenland would become the freshwater lake capital of the world, Greenland’o’lakes, Europes #1 tourist resort, possibly even the fishing destination of choice.

        (3) Greenland would have all kinds of green energy from the hydro due to the damns that are saving the world from Sea-Level catastrophe.

        (4) No more doom and gloom stories about their ice sheet. It’s gone, we killed it, adios, RIP.

        Can I get a second for this motion?

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