When They Forecast The Demise Of Snow And Cold, What They Meant Was Record Snow And Cold

“Heavy snowstorms are not inconsistent with a warming planet,” said Dr. Jeff Masters, director of meteorology and co-founder of the Weather Underground website. “In fact, as the Earth gets warmer and more moisture gets absorbed into the atmosphere, we are steadily loading the dice in favor of more extreme storms in all seasons, capable of causing greater impacts on society.”


As the Earth gets warmer, we have more record cold weather. Trapped heat causes an excess of cold, which in turn produces lots of snow. Cold is the new hot.


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5 Responses to When They Forecast The Demise Of Snow And Cold, What They Meant Was Record Snow And Cold

  1. Latitude says:

    Well then it’s obvious…..global warming has stopped because they are saying massive drought now

  2. gofer says:

    It’s cold on top of the “Gore blanket” that traps the heat, so when the blanket is turned over, it snows…..

  3. dmmcmah says:

    Its amazing they keep saying the planet is warmed when it hasn’t done so for at least 13 years by most measures.


  4. Andy WeissDC says:

    If warming produces more snow, why doesn’t Florida get more snow than Maine?

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