German Banker Believes That Politicians Control The Climate

Outlook gloomy on global warming: Deutsche

Deutsche Bank’s head of carbon emissions research Mark Lewis can’t see how the world can avoid dangerous global warming – judged as greater than two degrees Celsius – based on the targets agreed at climate change summits in Copenhagen and Cancun.

Mr Lewis said a target to restrict global warming to those two degrees is “probably unrealistic now, because of the politics; not because the technology isn’t there, not because with the right policies it’s just not possible – it’s just that there isn’t the political will”.


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8 Responses to German Banker Believes That Politicians Control The Climate

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Wrong on all counts! But then he listened to the IPCC!

  2. Jean Rochefort says:

    And that banker guy is supposed to know numbers. Either a fool or a fraud.

  3. Note how profoundly conspiratorial is to state that “it’s just that there isn’t the political will”, suggesting that Evil Deniers and Big Oil are preventing the world from saving itself. That’s something to remind all the nice people that accuse skeptics of having fallen for conspiracy theories.

  4. Michael says:

    Of course he believes it. Anything to create bundles of money for Deutshe Bank and himself through more carbon trading.

  5. Garry says:

    Carbon credits are literally a fiat currency, created from the air we breathe by governments, and delivered directly to the pockets of carbon traders such as Deutsche Bank.

    Hence their disappointment: there is so much air to be traded, and limitless trading profits to be skimmed!

  6. Justa Joe says:

    I always inquire with my local bank teller concerning weather related information.

  7. At least developping countries want to get developped, which shows someone, somewhere, still has some sense of reality.

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