Smoking Gun For UHI In California

The summers of 1917 and 1931 had the second and third hottest maximum temperatures in California, but all of the top three summer average minimums occurred during the past decade. Urbanization is making nighttime temperatures warmer – an inconvenient fact which the “experts” choose to downplay or ignore.

California Hottest Maximum 3 month periods 			
Rank	Month	Year	 Temperature 
1	9	2003	90.8281
2	8	1917	90.776
3	9	1931	90.7604

California Hottest Minimum 3 month periods 			
Rank	Month	Year	Temperature 
1	9	2003	60.0104
2	8	2003	59.9271
3	8	2006	59.7604

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5 Responses to Smoking Gun For UHI In California

  1. johnmcguire says:

    Oh come on Steven , you can’t expect those climate clowns to do real science as they lack the mental capacity to comprehend anything above a third grade level . Fourth grade is where a person used to begin learning about science , obviously the cagw crowd didn’t make it that far. And its interesting you used the word smoking in the title as I think that word describes the root problem . I suspect I know what they have been smoking too.

  2. LLAP says:

    Speaking of California, check out this nutty proposal for drivers in the Bay area:

  3. slimething says:

    The canned retort is CO2 causes night time temperatures to rise.

  4. The big problem with the “scientific community” is that its academic machiavellism is incompatible with the scientific method. Please check out Pure science Wiki. That is an Internet platform for the real scientific method.

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