2005 : Global Warming Causes Major Hurricanes And Snow In LA

Hurricane Katrina’s real name
By Ross Gelbspan
Published: Wednesday, August 31, 2005

BOSTON β€” The hurricane that struck Louisiana and Mississippi on Monday was nicknamed Katrina by the National Weather Service. Its real name is global warming.

When the year began with a 2-foot snowfall in Los Angeles, the cause was global warming.

Hurricane Katrina’s real name – The New York Times

It has now been seven years since a major hurricane hit the US, the longest period since the Civil War – and seven years since our friends started blaming every single weather event on global warming.


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5 Responses to 2005 : Global Warming Causes Major Hurricanes And Snow In LA

  1. Me says:

    So when will the witch burnings i’ll begin again, That’s the next step isn’t it!, ya know, after all else fails in their FOS story….. Err something?

  2. willlyons says:

    When are people going to wake up to the fact that these people do not care one bit about the climate or global warming but just use those words to beat everyone about the head because it suits their green agenda the demise of fossil fuel.

    • Me says:

      Don’t know…. But I know people wants cheap reliable energy, what ever it is. And until that happens, no one is trusted, because they are in it for them selves no matter who they screw over.

  3. NEisZAN says:

    Well we all should be in it together, if no one understands how Global Warming is afflicted then they should learn. I really think that someone who created light was on to something and he actually was because we are using his technology till today. So if we can believe that Global Warming is a seriouse cause such as pollution to the earth then everyone would be much oblliged to contribute in this world we call EARTH or HOME! Global Warming starts with the suns ray that is beamed on earth , all that heat is trapped into earth and some out into space. Temperatures increase largely depending on the amount of Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) realeased into the atmosphere. Ever wounder why ice melts fast? and why before long ago lands that had ice are now a dessert ? well it is simply because of Global warming . πŸ™‚ im not trying to scare anyone , if it helps anyone this is coming from a 12th grader πŸ˜€ have a lovely day , night or morning .

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