Met Office Says Their Climate Forecasts Are Useful To A Range Of People

Summer forecast 2009 – Met Office

Met Office climate forecasts are extremely useful. Whatever they say, assume the opposite.

Summer 2009 round-up – Met Office


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5 Responses to Met Office Says Their Climate Forecasts Are Useful To A Range Of People

  1. gator69 says:

    Yeah, a wide range of alarmists.

  2. mwhite says:

    Like this guy

    “As a result Otter Farm has become known as the ‘Climate Change Farm’”

  3. tckev says:

    I believe this is the often misquoted line “Our long-range forecasts are proving useful to deranged people”.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    They haven’t improved. Here is what they told National Grid in April (see p4):

    “The Met Office probabilities for summer temperatures show a slight weighting towards above normal.”

    Here is how it turned out:

    Summer 2012 was wettest for 100 years

    “Summer 2012 is also likely to be one of the dullest summers on record, with just 399 hours of sunshine up to 28 August. … Northumberland farmer Glen Sanderson, Eshott South Farm, Felton, has been left fighting a battle with slugs. “It’s miserable – we’re all getting really grumpy and fed up,” Mr Sanderson said. “It’s definitely the worst harvest we’ve ever had, as it’s a triple whammy. “Not only is it wet, but we’ve got really poor yields and penalties for low bushel weights. Financially it’s going to be exceptionally difficult. We’ve managed to get some rapeseed direct drilled, as the land is too waterlogged to plough, and it’s now a fighting battle between the seed and slugs in their millions. It’s all a bit worrying.””

    I can see one possible customer for better forecasts right there.

    Hopefully any day now they’ll decide their shiny new supercomputer would work better if it was given some software which actually models the real world rather than the world inside Dr Slingo’s head. Hint to the Met Office: try adding the 60 year cycle and some solar magnetics.

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