Farmers Worried About Global Warming

The random cellphone and land line poll of 600 likely rural voters in nine battleground states Oct. 9-11 has Romney at 59 percent among the survey’s respondents. Obama’s support is now down to 37 percent among rural battleground voters, a plunge of 10 points from the actual rural vote in those states four years ago.

Poll: Romney Opens Large Lead In Rural Swing Counties : NPR

Corn production in the US is forecast to be eighth largest on record, while neurotic city dwellers obsess about the drought they imagine is coming to get them.


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6 Responses to Farmers Worried About Global Warming

  1. gator69 says:

    Obama scares hog farmers much more than global warming does.

  2. johnmcguire says:

    They are still hyping the drought in order to jack up corn prices . Get rid of the ethanol scam and there is an abundance of corn . As to farmers worrying about global warming ; farmers are always looking to see what the trend in the weather seems to be doing . You have to look at recent history and then you look at the older records for indication of what might be coming . When you do that you realize the man made global warming concept is a big scam and theft of tax dollars by dishonest people . i’m watching to see the first frost and freeze dates in our area for indication of the earlier/ colder winter that Joe Bastardi spoke of . There is some indication of it as some adjacent areas have already had very early and unusual freezes but we haven’t . We still have hopes of a late variety apple crop this fall and time will tell , if so it would be the first in four years . With the dry weather we experienced this summer we had one of our best peach and nectarine crops ever .

  3. Andy DC says:

    Farmers, who watch the weather all the time, some for many decades, have seen droughts before. They are smart enough to know that droughts are natural and periodic, not anything new.

  4. Trip says:

    Drought or perceived drought? Water shortage? Stop growing maize.

  5. PaddikJ says:

    . . . neurotic city dwellers.

    Out here in the S.E. Denver ‘burbs, we refer to them as “citiots.”

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