The Buck Stops Anywhere But Here

Obama realized he had messed up pretty badly when his ambassador got killed by Al Qaeda, so he lied about it and blamed it on YouTube.

Two weeks later he realized that no one was buying his lies, so he said that he got it right all along.

That didn’t fly either, so now he is blaming Hillary.

Half of the country is considering voting for Obama, because he stole your money to give them a phone.


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8 Responses to The Buck Stops Anywhere But Here

  1. gator69 says:

    Just think of all the minutes saved or created, by keeping security costs down in Benghazi.

  2. johnmcguire says:

    The ( lady?) in the video probably doesn’t really need a phone as I would guess everyone she knows except for her relatives in prison lives within a two block area . And if she would enunciate a little more clearly , with that big mouth , anyone within two blocks could hear her . The only time she leaves the neighborhood is when she gets bussed to rallies or to cast multiple votes at election time .

  3. Sparks says:

    Poor girl seems to have a mental disability. I wonder if she’s a skeptical person of man made global warming too! Ahh-ha?

  4. kbray in california says:

    Hillary blames Libya mess on the “fog of war.”

    Here’s the closest Obama’s gotten to the “fog of war”:

    Vote him out on November 6th.
    The whole world will thank you.

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