Extreme Rainfall Events In Decline In New Jersey

Team climate liar has been spreading propaganda today that extreme rainfall events are increasing on the east coast of the US. As with everything else they say, the truth is the exact opposite.

The five rainiest days in Atlantic City, NJ all occurred before 1940.

U.S. Historical Climatology Network

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4 Responses to Extreme Rainfall Events In Decline In New Jersey

  1. gofer says:

    I really hope these people have an agenda because I hate to think they are really, really stupid. I keep reading alarmists blogs about the “extreme weather” of this year how “painfully obvious climate change” is and how we are in for really bad times. This year has been one of the best years for NON-extreme weather. Of course, as one commenter said, when the “water is covering Miami,” and “food is extremely scare”……honestly, they all sound like a fundamentalist religious blog with their “prophecies”.

    • It is, for many of these people, a ‘religion.’ You may even find that some were previously followers of various ‘telly-evangelists’ who switched to ‘The Church of Latter Day Climate Change’ when they became disillusioned with the repeated failure of prophecies of ‘The Last Trump’ and ‘The Rapture’ neither of which is in any way Biblical anymore than AGW is ‘scientific.’

      This is all part of a recent tendency to promote fear and for a large part of the population, to wish to live in constant fear of something nebulous. If someone came up with a credible enough ‘proof’ of the existence of ‘bodey men’ they’d all go rushing off to convince themselves they were being stalked by one!

  2. Here is a clue…we are all seeing, or about to see in the coming months and years, why believing that “You create your own reality” is like children running with sharp scissors. Expansive ideas, at odds with the facts on the ground, as they say. People now just want to wipe away any and all opposition to what each one thinks is the attainment of his/her highest aspirations, the fulfilling of ones own creativity, “naturally” blossoming in a brighter, happier world. (Just think, that is all the jihadists are trying to do as well.) Sorry folks, but obviously that is not how the reality of this planet was designed. There are things, like climate (or the fundamental opposition of the nonbeliever in your pet dogma), that were set in clockwork design from the beginning, and which man does not (yet) have the wisdom or power to direct.

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