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Bob Tisdale says:

davidappell says: “Tisdale offers no reason for ocean warming, except if you buy his book. (=suckers.)”

Another untruth from davidappell. Falsehoods are a staple of proponents of manmade global warming like you, David. Everyone knows the vast majority of the content of my book “Who Turned on the Heat?” has been discussed in dozens of blog posts over the past 4 years. In addition, I’ve produced two YouTube presentations for the WUWT-TV special. See here:
And just yesterday, I posted an essay titled “The Manmade Global Warming Challenge”. Refer to the blog post here:

davidappell says: “I can’t do the analysis for myself …”

Obviously. One might guess you also have difficulty reading time-series graphs. Either way, you have no basis from which to criticize anyone’s work.

davidappell continued “ …Tisdale points to ENSO data, which is a small part of the ocean, in latitude, longitude, and depth. It is far, far, far from the total ocean.”

Yet another lie from you, David. I present the sea surface temperature data for the global oceans. East Pacific:
And the Rest of the World:

If geography is another one of your failings, here’s a map with the two regions highlighted:

You appear to have either no grasp of what I’ve presented or an overpowering need to misrepresent it.

davidappell says: “Try to have some standards, OK?”

This comment is laughable coming from someone like you, David, who has such difficulty with the truth.

davidappell says: “For the data we do have, the ocean has clearly warmed over the last 16 years: 0-700 m”

When you divide the NODC OHC data (0-700m) into logical subsets, David, it’s very easy to illustrate the natural causes for the warming of ocean heat content. Are you aware that without the natural warming associated with the 1973-76 and 1995/96 La Nina events, tropical Pacific OHC cools, David?:

Are you aware that without the very obvious 2-year climate shift, the OHC for the extratropical North Pacific would also cool over the term of the data, David?:

Looks like it’s time for you to move along, David. You have no credibility here. None whatsoever.


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14 Responses to Comment From Bob Tisdale

  1. Bob Tisdale says:

    Thanks for calling attention to that comment, Stephen. I was thinking of writing a post titled More Untruths, Falsehoods, Fabrications, Misrepresentations.


  2. johnmcguire says:

    appell is a wannabe , he would like to be regarded as an intellectual but he lacks the intellect. Thank You Bob Tisdale for the education you have given me on ENSO and the explanation of the workings of el nino and la nina .

  3. BobW in NC says:

    Thank you Bob Tisdale! Trying to inculcate the CAGW believers into the truth of what’s real is worse than undoing a rat’s nest of a backlash on a fishing reel. Thank God you and others are able to respond knowledgeably to the utterly wrong assertions, misstatements, half-truths, demagoguery, and simply flat-out lies made by them. Where will it end – and when?

    Thank you for taking the time to do so.

    • Bob Tisdale says:

      Thanks, BobW in NC. I haven’t seen the word “inculcate” in years. It reminded me of learning by rote.

      Okay warmers, repeat after me. “What caused the sea surface temperatures to warm? Strong El Ninos caused the sea surface temperatures to warm.

      “And where does the warm water come from that is released by an El Nino? The warm water that’s released by the El Nino comes from a La Nina before it.”

      And so on.

  4. Appell makes things up as he goes along. He has no familiarity with Bob’s work so he basically guesses what Bob might have written about and then constructs attacks based on his guesses.

  5. sunsettommy says:

    Heh,heh,hahaha…. bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. sunsettommy says:

    I see that David Appell has no counterpoint to Bob’s comments.

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