Climate Granted A 44 Month Reprieve

18 January 2009

‘We have only four years left to act on climate change – America has to lead’

Hansen’s … warning to Barack Obama, who will be inaugurated as US president on Tuesday. His four-year administration offers the world a last chance to get things right, Hansen said. If it fails, global disaster – melted sea caps, flooded cities, species extinctions and spreading deserts – awaits mankind.

Jim Hansen warns of threat of climate catastrophe | Environment | The Observer

Hansen said that the climate ran out of time in January 2013, but apparently we actually have 44 more months.

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One Hundred Months


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12 Responses to Climate Granted A 44 Month Reprieve

  1. gator69 says:

    WTF is a sea cap?

  2. Andy DC says:

    The goal posts keep moving. Hansen is not one to turn down a handout, even if it is too late.

    • Bill Gannon says:

      Andy DC, have the Cherry Blossoms started yet? Do not watch news either local or network, and the National Park Service claimed they would be sprouting by Easter.

  3. cbltoo says:

    I tend to think he resigned to testify for Michael Mann – which demonstrates the mutual masturbation at play.

  4. Brian G Valentine says:

    Help! Help! Hurry!

    Hansen wants us to do something to save the Earth. I’m not sure what it is, but we evidently need to get busy right away!

  5. Rosco says:

    I think just knowing the date allows us time to really enjoy the remainder of our lives.

    Now – does the world end in 44 months or can I look forward to a substantial amount of time after that date even though the world enters its death spiral ??

    If I can expect to live substantially longer than 44 months what sort of penance must I pay to acknowledge for my sins and will I get absolution for this contrition ??

    I should already have accumulated some credit in the penance area as I am already subject to a carbon tax – unlike almost everyone else in the world – and therefore expect a lesser penance than residents of those damn to hell with the consequences developing economies !

    After all, if I am condemning future generations to a nightmare hell I want a clean conscience before I go – so just how much is it going to cost me ??

    Perhaps there is a plan for me to bequeath the necessary funds to fix the effin’ climate after I’m gone thus solving my current carbon footprint guilt induced financial crisis over electricity costs ?

    Pease advise.

  6. Dave N says:

    ..and in 44 months someone (perhaps Hansen again) will say we have x months to go. Yawn.

  7. That’s exactly what’s been happening for the last decade. It’s moved away from a scientific theory into an apocalyptic cult.

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