Prior To Hansen Tampering, 1970 Was Cooler Than 1900

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6 Responses to Prior To Hansen Tampering, 1970 Was Cooler Than 1900

  1. GeologyJim says:

    As I’ve gone through the process of educating myself about climate history/paleoclimate, I’ve found that just about anything written before 1970 is pretty good. By that, I mean that weather and climate systems and phenomena are described in pretty straightforward terms. And the past records of variations/extremes are also delivered without hyperbole.

    Sheesh, if you just want to learn something about meteorology, stick to these older works. They knew how to observe and report past observations as actual, like y’know, FACTS.

    Newer stuff? Too much “agenda” and human guilt-tripping.

  2. Traitor In Chief says:

    Our country is under assault by criminal forces. They seek to control public perceptions, often with imaginary psychotic fantasies.

    • Mike says:

      A country that has no money for road bridges, highways and energy creating infrastructure, but unlimited amounts for green dead end project.

      Not only is real science gone, so too has real business.

      Fraudulent climate science has spurred black hole economics.

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