May Day! May Day!

We are celebrating the first day of May with 20 inches of snow in Fort Collins.

ScreenHunter_214 Apr. 30 22.30

Warnings for Larimer County Below 6000 Feet/Northwest Weld County, Colorado | Weather Underground


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8 Responses to May Day! May Day!

  1. TomC says:

    Many places from Nebraska to Wisconsin are going to break all-time May snowfall records. I even heard the idiots talking about how it’s this blocking pattern with the arctic oscillation and north Atlantic oscillation – both indices have been positive for the last two weeks, exactly opposite the pattern these fools claim is causing the cold weather. So it was cold during -AO/NAO and now cold during +AO/NAO and these dimwits still claim AO/NAO.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Another sign of catastrophic global cooling. Weren’t you heading north soon Steven?

  3. That’s why I gave up on the consensus scientists. First global warming proved global warming theory, then global warming stopped and they turned to random weather events as proof. But that’s a double edged sword, as they are now discovering.

  4. NoMoreGore says:

    Why do they refer to this as a “Winter Storm warning”? Does CO get its own seasons too?
    20 inches? Ouch. And the warning says to carry water, food, etc… where will you put these provisions on your bike?

  5. Nature is the ultimate tyrant. So you (not you…anybody) throw a few snowballs, drink a little hot chocolate, spoon a little with your sweetie, or drive the kids to help out a little around the house. Alas for the leaves of Autumn, so fondly remembered by so few (“children will no longer know what falling leaves are…”, now that everyone is conditioned to forget, from one year to the next).

    In other words, “easy come, easy go”, especially for the snows of spring. You should all be high on life out there (“the quality of mercy is not strained; it droppeth as the gentle–snow–from heaven, upon the just and unjust alike”).

  6. TomC says:

    Don’t worry, Steve. Down someplace in west-central Texas rain will fall later tonight with a temperature in the upper 30’s, which would have been snow 100 years ago had we not warmed the atmosphere up by a degree. I know this because the Capital Weather Gang told me so and anything spouted by Leftists must be true.
    But if it does snow down there instead of rain then it must be global warming climate change because because, as we know, any odd weather must be climate change. But only the odd weather I point out is climate change. The odd weather you point out is just weather because you don’t know the difference between climate and weather. Got it? Shoot me…

  7. gator69 says:

    “Winter” storm warning? Someone should buy wunderground a calendar! 😆

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