Raising April

Thermometers show that April was the 11th coldest since 1895 in the US, but through the magic power of data tampering – NCDC was able to bump April up to only 23rd coldest.

NCDC accomplished this by cooling the past as much as 3.1 degrees.



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6 Responses to Raising April

  1. gator69 says:

    “You understand, H.I.? If this works out, it’s just the beginning of a spree to cover the entire southwest proper. And we keep going until we can retire. Or we get caught.”

  2. If you’re adjusting your data by 3C you’re basically telling the world that your data set is garbage.

  3. Brian D says:

    Mpls/St Paul has a robust record with midnight to midnight averages since its beginning back in the 1800’s. No TOB adjust to the record, but have they ever cooled the past down. Raw shows a trend of .155. Version 2.0 had a trend of .223. And version 2.5 has a trend of .351. Incredible!

    I had saved 3 stations from MN with Mpls being one of them before this site updated 2012 data with the new 2.5 version a couple weeks ago. I do know they were doing rooftop observations for most of the record, but to have a continued cooling of the past with each new version doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Starting in Sept 1983, they stopping with the final adjustments. Magically, the station no longer needed to be fiddled with. This robust record has literally been defiled by a computer algorithm that doesn’t know its head from its backside.

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