1975 : Tornado Outbreaks Blamed On Global Cooling

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235 Responses to 1975 : Tornado Outbreaks Blamed On Global Cooling

  1. Co2, claims the global warming religion crowd, causes the earth to warm–when, according to some scientists will increase as a result of the climate getting warmer, not the other way around. It all boils down to a good tool for the libs to use for more taxing.

  2. JRS says:

    1. Is global warming happening? It could be, but most evidence suggests it hasn’t since 1998. It has warmed (and cooled) in the past as we know the planet has been much warmer than it is now and it’s also been much cooler. Global temperatures have been fluctuating since the beginning of time.

    2. Are the activities of man responsible for global warming (or cooling)? Don’t be absurd! As stated in #1, global temperatures have been fluctuating since before man walked the planet. And at times have fluctuated to extremes far above and below where we are today.

    3. Is global warming bad? We tend to concede the point that warming is bad. But global warming is not bad. Sure, we’ve been peppered with predictions of catastrophes that will happen if the earth warms. The fact is, there is no proof that any of it will happen. There’s no evidence that any of it did happen at times in the past when the planet was warmer. Global warming alarmists blame every bad weather event on global warming, as though none of these things happened prior to man “polluting” the planet. The fact is, warming is probably good for the planet. For one thing, we can extend growing seasons and produce more food. In the past, periods of colder global temperatures have coincided with periods of famine and disease, while warmer periods have coincided with times of growth and prosperity.

  3. warren o'riordan says:

    Hi everybody, emailing from australia. When i was a kid in the sixties, the big prediction was that by the year 2000, the u,k, would be a frozen mass of nothing, unless something was done to reverse the cooling trend. Well, the pommies are still there, in all their glory, enjoying beautiful spring weather. This climate change/ global what ever it is this month, is a load of b…s…t.

  4. ivillageidiot says:

    At one time, I could NEVER understand why my Grandmother kept all these little clippings from the paper. It seemed so…. crazy…

    NOW…. I KNOW WHY!!!!!
    Not so “crazy” after all…….

  5. Chris says:

    Young liberals have an absolute need to believe they are changing the world. And when they are placed in positions of power and influence in the government or the media, they satisfy that need by advocating for whatever cause seems most accepted by their peers. God forbid they act as individuals. It would break their hearts to think that the girl in the next cubicle just didn’t like them because he or she took an independent, thoughtful look at the “global warming” theories (because they are only theories) and discovered there really is no evidence to support the raised anxiety levels in the U.S. over this issue. The balloon must break before they can move on to a more mature level of understanding in the world.

  6. DownInMiami says:

    This guy had it right years ago!

  7. Jack Boot says:

    You say “cooling,” I say “warming,” you say potato, I say po-tah-toe, Let’s work the whole thing out.

  8. Rick says:

    Global warming received the greatest boost in history when most of the weather reporting stations moved out to your local airports, no interference from the changing surroundings!

  9. Jae Brown says:

    Fortunately, in the 21st Century we have discovered that tax policy (and by that I mean more of it) can fix climate. So, does it really matter whether it is hotter or colder?

  10. nastee24 says:

    We think we are in control of things like the environment because if we are not in control it scares us. Therefore we say that we caused Global Warming and that maybe if we all give up our cars and live in the dark, we might be able to reverse it. When in reality we are no more than a pimple on this earth. The earth does what the earth does and we obediently follow. When we are in the midst of a severe storm or hurricane or tornado we are no different than our caveman ancestors. We run and hide. We run and hide.

  11. mike says:

    Why global warming’s a scam. Because if it was such a great threat industry wouldn’t of moved from country’s with a infrastructure already built up with the highest technology and the strictest air quality standards and waste disposal and move to country’s with little to no infrastructure, low to no technology and absolutely no air quality or waste disposal standards. Exploiting slave labor is far more important than global warming. What, the air over China’s different than the air over the USA? I thought this thing was global.

  12. Laurence Clark Crossen says:

    There is a great new book out on the harmful effects of cold climate on human civilization:
    Global crisis war, climate change and catastrophe in the seventeenth century
    Geoffrey Parker
    Yale U.P. 2013

  13. Steve says:

    30 years and we have gone from planning and preparing for an ice age to now preparing for global melting point. In the 60″s we were also told the earth’s water supply was drying up and floods were going to go away because of lack of water. Then in the 50’s we had Duck and Cover nuclear planning and living near deaths door. People were told by the Government to build bomb shelters. All of these were pushed by liberal’s–I never recall a conservative telling us Ice Age and Global Warming was a fact that was proven…but could be subject to change. Make up your minds for crying out loud.

  14. Robb M. says:

    I think that global cooling never got the political traction that “global warming” has because no one could find a way to blame man for causing it.

  15. C. Little says:

    Reverend Chicken Little of the Church of Climate Change Saints says…..My religion of Global Climate Change is the answer to all. It is all the fault of humans and we must change or a great flood is a comin’!

  16. S.E.Bailey says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how much effort is spent stating its decided, there’s a consensus, the end is nigh… instead of revisiting the models which are now being proven to have been grossly flawed, a fact that many of the very same “scientists” have conceded. It has become a case Climate Eugenics… as absurd a notion that may be.. that only those Scientists who are “pure” in there belief in Man Made Global warming.

  17. meh says:

    What is responsible for almost all of the greenhouse effect ? Water vapor …. humidity …. steam.
    Why no talk about water’s influence ? Because the science doesn’t fit the agenda.

  18. Deborah Oliphant says:

    Yes, climate change is a reality of 6-7 billion years. Right. So how has mankind been affecting climate change for 6-7 billion years? Ever heard of Maunder Minimum? Little Ice Age? Solar minimum? Few or no sunspots? Medieval Warming? Roman Empire enjoyed the longest warm period in modern geological history, from 500BC to 400AD? How about the fact that CO2 is so good for growing seasons, and plant life in general? That the herbivores eat the flora, and the carnivores eat the herbivores, and the omnivores each flora and herbivores? Hmmm. Base of food chain is plant life in seas and on land. Only a brainwashed person, without any critical thinking ability would espouse AGW – unless of course they stood to make beaucoup bucks from AGW. So, tell me – “Judy, Judy Judy” et alia – are you that stupid, or who’s paying you? It’s just between us: I won’t tell anyone, so fess up: Who’s paying you?

  19. herkimer says:

    I think Dr Roy Spencer said it best when he said “But contrasting air mass temperatures is the key. Active tornado seasons in the U.S. are almost always due to unusually COOL air persisting over the Midwest and Ohio Valley longer than it normally does as we transition into spring.”

    I also agree that if global cooling becomes more evident over the next few decades, we will see more tornadoes as there is higher probability of more cooler air clashing with the constant moist warm airoming from the gulf. Global cooling not global warming causes more and bigger tornadoes . These politicians get it wrong every time.

  20. Ryan says:

    The tornado was caused by all those thousands of electric-windmills disrupting the normal wind patterns and creating vortices.

  21. phil highcastle says:

    The actual cause of the climate crisis is not CO2 or CH4, but TLBF. For more than 30 years, immense quantities of ATLBF, a highly volatile form of TLBF, have been introduced into the atmosphere as part of a process of terrorforming, creating a climate of fear and hysteria. Current production of ATLBF exceeds 40 Megaburps per cubic algore.
    The odor of ATLBF (anthropogenic testoserone laden bovine feces) is obvious to individuals whose nares are not obstructed by hemorrhoids.

    • Steve says:

      This is the first explanation that I understand and can relate to. Simply, scientific, rational, obviously based upon fact, well researched and can withstand peer review. And this is no BS.

  22. JET99999 says:

    Everything bad is caused by global warming,. Al Gore told me this

  23. greenonsense says:

    Newsweek. It figures.

  24. bart midwood says:

    Margaret Thatcher is often cited as the Mother of the Global Warming Scare, which includes the assertion that humanity is producing too much carbon dioxide. She was attempting (so the story goes) with this scare to crush a powerful coal miners’ union and an imminent strike.

  25. itain'teasybeinggreen says:

    Newsflash- Startling new scientific evidence suggests that the worldwide blogging phenomena is major cause of the increasing hot air. Hey, wasn’t it Al Gore who invented the internet?

  26. NYGiantsFan says:

    Funny thing about all of this is the left was so intent on preventing global cooling, through sheer stupidity, the unintended consequence was the earth heated up. Which brings up the million dollar question; if the earth heats up too much, what is the plan of the scientists to cool it?

    • Steve says:

      The liberals want to explore the heat source-the sun. To keep from having the sun burn them up on entry to the suns surface they are planning on landing at night. So the story goes.

  27. Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:
    The Newsweek article Steven Goddard reposts is less than 40 years ago. Most of us should remember. Yes, the same evidence being presented to support claims of global warming was then being given to support fears of the big chill. Historically, warmer is better. That is, we used to refer to the Roman warm period, and the Medieval warm period, where food was plentiful and civilization advanced. People seem to avoid those terms now. But global cool periods were marked by plague and famine. Fear of global cooling is rational. Fear of global warming is not. There are far more signs of cooling in nature today than warming.

  28. Irwin says:

    Man made global warming is real. It is caused be all the hot air coming out of Al Gore and BO and their cronies. Several layers of duct tape should stop it.

  29. maniacal_engineer says:

    You guys have this thing all wrong. Temperature hasn’t changed for years now – what we are facing is the very real threat of (gasp) CLIMATE STASIS!!!!!! without variations in climate evolution will wind down and all life on the planet will stagnate and die. We need to fight this evil, liberate the fossil carbon, and restore the primeval atmosphere, under which life flourished so abundantly

  30. Keith says:

    Global cooling, global warming, those two didn’t work and the climate has to be doing something so we can make money, lets just call it climate change…liberals…what a bunch of idiots

  31. baja says:

    This is how the deniers lie: they pull out a 1975 Newsweek story and overlay with quotes thirty years later, and trick a lazy brain. They took things out of context to create total lie. Everyone who knows anything about climate knows the cooling theory was NEVER adopted by scientific community, and was simply an idea explored that was almost entirely dismissed. LIARS and liars and fools that believe them because they want to believe them

  32. normabrown says:

    There was one climate expert who did a study that showed that rising carbon dioxide levels over the millennia have always preceded an ice age. He had charts showing the ratios and climate changes. So both of you are right. We are heading into a cooling period. And just when the Russian Riviera was in planning!

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