Hansen’s Magical Time Machine

The National Academy Of Sciences published this graph in 1975, showing that the northern hemisphere had cooled dramatically since 1940, and 1970 temperatures were cooler than the year 1900.


Science News

Hansen using his magical powers, was later able to go back  in time and determine that none of this ever happened. Global cooling was all in the imagination of the people who suffered through it.

ScreenHunter_62 Mar. 31 08.02

GISS has blocked access to this data 403 Forbidden – but the Internet never forgets :  ZonAnn.Ts+dSST.txt

The graph below shows Hansen’s handiwork overlaid on the original NAS graph.

ScreenHunter_56 Mar. 31 07.44

Hansen received $720,000 from Soros to politicize NASA science.

As NewsBuster Jake Gontesky reported, an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily Monday claimed one of billionaire leftist George Soros’s foundations gave $720,000 in 2006 to the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, James Hansen.

NASA’s Hansen Mentioned in Soros Foundations Annual Report | NewsBusters

The MSM is all good with government lying, corruption, forgery, tampering, theft, fraud, blackmail, bribery, intimidation, etc. – as long as it suits the Democratic Party agenda.


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8 Responses to Hansen’s Magical Time Machine

  1. You must have enough hard material for a book. History will want to have it.

  2. Robertv says:

    May 31, 2013 – The very cold spring of 2013 is similar to that of 1970. In De Bilt average temperature 7.4 degrees compared to 9.5 degrees normal.


  3. Justa Joe says:

    Soro’s Media Matters probably set up the 60 minutes piece with Hansen where Hansen accused Bush of putting the clamps on him. Outrageous Anybody that actually pays heed to the lame stream media should really feel foolish.

  4. Hansen also got an additional 100,000 from the Sophie Prize: he was the 2010 winner.

  5. Richard T. Fowler says:

    As always, great job on documenting Hansen’s fraud in ways that make it crystal clear.

    I do want to take issue with something, and that is the claim about the Soros money.

    It is my understanding, based on the Jake Gontesky link you provided (which I had to go to the Wayback Machine to see because it has been disappeared), that $720,000 was spent by Soros’ Open Society Insitute for “the politicization of science”. I haven’t yet seen any evidence that any of this money ended up in the hands of Hansen, nor that Hansen was paid by Soros or OSI from any funds for any of his political activities.

    If either of these things actually happened, it is important news, and you or someone should be publishing that. If you don’t have the evidence at this time, then it would be wise to clearly indicate that you can’t prove that Hansen was paid money in exchange for his activities.

    If you do have the evidence, I’d also be happy to put such evidence on my blog and try to help get the word out. If Hansen is/was literally being told “We’ll pay you to say and do X” in contravention of law and morality, then he must be called out in a credible way. Otherwise, many people will ignore the open-and-shut case for instrumental temperature fraud because our opponents can argue that this evidence came from a source that made a deceptive claim about Hansen, and that the provenance of that temperature evidence is thus, somehow, suspect. I know it isn’t suspect, and you know it isn’t, and many of your readers do. But I want to see that circle of those who know expand further.


  6. Peter Ellis says:

    If you smoothed the original graph with a 5-year running mean and ensured they had the same baseline, they’d look a lot more similar.

    • Richard T. Fowler says:

      Are you joking!? The peak in such a graph of the “original” numbers (I know that even these numbers are not the original data!) would be somewhere between +0.35 and 0.40, while the two graphs would end about the same level, a little below the zero mark. So in the “original”, which is much closer to reflecting what the actual thermometers told us, there was a cooling of ~0.4°C between the peak in the late 1930s and 1970 — or about 1.2°C per century.

      In the fraudulently cooked second set of numbers, the cooling reflected in that same period of time is only about 0.2°C, or 0.6°C per century.

      Moreover, and just as important, in the “original” numbers, the final end point puts the global mean temperature at a level not seen since the mid-1910s, whereas the fraudulently cooked numbers imply that the same temperature as 1970 had been seen as recently as the early 1930s. It is a massive lie that anyone with the most basic introduction to science can see very easily. The “original” numbers support the skeptic arguments, which is why most professors of atmospheric science were skeptical of CAGW at the time I studied meteorology in the early 1990s. The only way that the fraudsters could get professors to start singing the desired tune was to alter the source data to something that tells a dramatically different story, a story that supports the CAGW and “green” Leninist agendas. This is diabolical, and must be denounced from the rooftops by everyone who has any sense of morality or ethics, or even just cherishes the values that we have been handed down from our ancestors. The program that these fraudulent numbers were cooked up to support has been tried and tried, and every time has caused untold evil, up to and including genocide, to be unleashed. It is time for this cycle of violence and murder to stop! To stop it, we must first recognize it for what it is: a homocidal, and in extreme cases even genocidal, psychopathy.


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