Obama Transfers The Second Amendment To Syrian Terrorists

President Obama announced this week that he is sending guns to Islamic terrorists in Libya, because they need them to prevent government tyranny.

He also announced progress on disarming law-abiding US citizens, to make sure that they can’t defend themselves against his tyranny.

The White House says President Obama is close to completing a series of executive actions to address gun violence, but they are not a substitute for congressional legislation.

In a report issued Tuesday, the administration has “completed or made significant progress” on 21 of 23 executive actions that Obama outlined Jan. 16 as part of a major gun control initiative.

White House cites progress on gun issue

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8 Responses to Obama Transfers The Second Amendment To Syrian Terrorists

  1. Sundance says:

    As you know the NRA is running ads against Joe Manchin in West Virginia and I thought the NRA could use some help so here’s my idea for an ad. It would feature Obama shooting the Constitution in a parody of Joe Manchin shooting Obamacare

    This “Onion” styled parody ad would start with a scene of Joe loading his gun like in his original ad. The next scene would be a close up of the US Constitution on a tree instead of Obomacare hanging from a tree. The next scene would incorporate the hilarious picture of Obama with his shotgun and showing him aiming it at the US Constitution hanging on a tree. Next would be a video of with the sound of a shotgun being fired and then a close up of the Constitution being blown to smithereens by buckshot.

    The ad would then cut to a band of rough looking Mexican drug dealers wearing ‘Fast and Furious’ T-shirts scowling at the camera à la the scene in ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ and saying “Background checks? We don’t need no stinkin’ background checks”.

    The next scene in the ad would show guns being passed out to al-Qaeda members, or any other terrorist group getting US weapons in Syria or elsewhere, with autographed pictures of Obama that say “Have a nice Arab Spring. Your friend Barack”. The al-Qaeda members would then ask each other in Arabic with subtitles if they were required to fill out any paperwork for the guns. They would all start laughing hysterically and then immediately aim the guns into the air and fire them while screaming “Death to America!” again in Arabic with subtitles.

    The next scene would be video of Manchin’s original ad again with him taking aim but with the Obamacare document on the tree now being replaced with the Constitution and with Manchin now putting a bullet through the Constitution like it was Obamacare.

    The ad would close with one of those deep announcer type voices saying, “Manchin, he’s lost aim of the rights and protections that are important to West Virginians”

    Now that would be an entertaining ad. lol

  2. philjourdan says:

    I have been saying this for days. Why is it ok for Syrians, but not for Americans? The irony is great. The purpose of the second amendment is to prevent reliance on a foreign power to take care of our own internal affairs.

  3. …executive actions…

    “…Executive Action is a term used by the Central Intelligence Agency starting in the early 1950s to refer to assassination operations…”

    The president can issue executive ORDERS – if he’s considering executive actions, maybe we’re seeing why the DHS is becoming heavily armed.

    /sarc, of course

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