New Forecast : Arctic To Be Ice-Free In 8 Weeks

 The alarming loss of sea ice which has grown worse each summer over the past several decades, has taken a sharp turn for the worse: this year the loss is right in the middle, the most resilient part of the ice cover. This could lead to a completely ice-free Arctic Ocean by September.

Unprecedented hole is growing in Arctic sea ice – Fairfax Climate Watch

These people are completely insane. A cyclonic storm has been keeping the central Arctic very cold. It has also caused the ice to spread to lower concentrations in a few places. Note that the author’s “hole” is covered with fresh snow.

ScreenHunter_432 Jun. 28 14.13 – Arctic Terra – (2013/178)

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6 Responses to New Forecast : Arctic To Be Ice-Free In 8 Weeks

  1. Chewer says:

    The Gore effect has hit most effectively:

    An down south there’s a nasty dew point today:

  2. Traitor In Chief says:

    Not to mention that the “center” is not where Multi-year ice ends up.

  3. Norman says:

    I reckon NH ice may actually stay within the AGW “fixed” mean this year which means nothing anyway but it will force them to “readjust” the mean again.Of course they can’t keep doing this forever LOL

    • rw says:

      That’s the amazing thing – they can’t, but they can’t stop doing it either.

      At any rate, we have another Marion-Keech-like prediction: an ice-free Arctic in September. This is super-exponential LOL!

  4. higley7 says:

    Ice-free in 8 weeks? Not likely because, since the temperature just got above zero recently, it should be back below zero in about 8 weeks.

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