Shock News : There Was An Ice Age During The Ordovician – With CO2 1500% Of Current Values

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BBC Nature – Ordovician period videos, news and facts

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13 Responses to Shock News : There Was An Ice Age During The Ordovician – With CO2 1500% Of Current Values

  1. @njsnowfan says:

    1500% more then 400 ppm, is that a typo Steve? The oceans must of been pure Acid or is that what many of the climate models are on today?

  2. Sunsettommy says:

    I am surprised BBC let that one slip through.

  3. gator69 says:

    That CO2 was natural, and therefore safe. Only ‘man made’ CO2 is pollution.

  4. kramer says:

    Does anybody see where the CO2 trend was going before man started using fossil fuels? It was trending toward a level where plants and trees would start to starve. And had this trend continued, most of life on Earth would probably die off.

    Have Exxon, Shell, and Atlantic-Richfield saved all life on Earth?
    Are liberals trying to kill the Earth by pushing us towards a carbon-free society?

  5. mogur2013 says:

    During the Early Ordovician period 488 mya, the climate was very hot due to high levels of CO2 from intense volcanic activity, which gave a strong greenhouse effect. The marine waters are assumed to have been around 45°C (113°F). But over time, the climate become cooler, and around 460 million years ago, the ocean temperatures became comparable to those of present day equatorial waters. CO2 levels fell from about 7000 ppm to around 4400 ppm (11X current levels, or 16X pre-industrial levels) by the end of the Ordovician 444 mya.

    The relatively short (.5 to 1.5 myr) Hirnantian glacial period was modeled by Crowley and Baum in 1995. The lack of inland vegetation cover over the Gondwana supercontinent (increased albedo), its location tangential to the south pole, the decreased landmass due to the high sea level of the time (ameliorating the summer melt of inland snow), and the decreased luminosity of the Sun, was sufficient to offset the large forcing effect of high CO2 levels. Another factor that was not modeled by them include a possible depletion of the entire ozone layer by gamma ray burst (Melott et al. 2006).

    • In order to remove that much CO2 from the atmosphere, huge amounts of carbonate rock would have had to have formed. Where do you think that rock is located?

      BTW – most of the earth’s land is currently centered around the poles.

  6. mogur2013 says:

    You ask me a question, then ban me? Classy.

    • Ben says:

      A banned individual still able to make a comment? You sound just like Loyd Bonafide, who “fought his way off hold” on the Phil Hendrie show.

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