Understanding How The Missing Heat Causes Climate Change

There has been no atmospheric warming for 17 years, because 2.4 billion nuclear bombs worth of heat is hiding in the bottom of the ocean.

This heat at the bottom of the ocean is affecting atmospheric physics through a mysterious mechanism, which actually doesn’t involve any change in heat content of the atmosphere.

The symptoms of this are known as climate change, which has caused all sorts of highly educated people to remark  that they don’t remember any windy, hot or rainy days prior to a few months ago.


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7 Responses to Understanding How The Missing Heat Causes Climate Change

  1. AlecM says:

    Pachauri’s Demon is a funny old thing. it miraculously transports hotter than average water molecules from the ocean surface to below 2,000 metres where it can’t be measured.

    And do you know the most astonishing part of this story? It only works when the atmosphere and the sea surface is not warming.

    Who’d a thunk it?

  2. Joseph says:


    In regards to the temp graphs you post, so they show the surface temperature or atmospheric temperature?

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