Guardian Can’t Tolerate Free Speech

What a pathetic excuse for a newspaper. They forbid any factual material.


Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions

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33 Responses to Guardian Can’t Tolerate Free Speech

  1. Galvanize says:

    Ever since Drillbit Dana arrived I have been on pre mod, making it virtually impossible to discuss anything. He seems to have brought his SS moderating over with him.

  2. samueldaire says:

    OP; They seem to be where every other news source is, and that place is the internet where even firsthand quotes turn into bad wikipedia reference garbage. Galvanize; break free of your shackles and throw the flaming rot of your mind until something intelligent sticks and hard mods become weak-kneed rugby drop-outs.

  3. eco-geek says:

    Same thing happens to me when I try to express my support for the IPCC. Even the IPCC are considered insufficiently warmist these days for the Guardian.

    Unreality is insufficiently unreal.

  4. So regular commenters have their comments moderated prior to approval, and heretics are pre-moderated? I wonder what the next category higher than that is.

  5. tom0mason says:

    “Гардиан Газета” – Хвали славу британских Социалистической Народной

    You have to go for retraining/eduction before the collective will let you comment, comrade.

  6. John in Chantilly says:

    What was Steve’s comment that was removed?
    And yes, it is telling when “science” via “journalism” cannot tolerate debate. I was always taught that was the essence of both.

  7. Cheshirered says:

    Welcome to The Club, Steve.

  8. dbstealey says:

    The Guardian is an Echo Chamber of like minded head-nodders.

    No dissension in the ranks is permitted. Obey!

  9. Bill says:

    Yes, those 90 companies that dare provide fuel for people’s cars, houses, and to run power plants. And the cement manufacturers, they are also horrible. We need to ban oil, coal, and cement now. No one uses any of those things.

  10. I buy a gallon of oil & put it in my car’s crankcase. Obviously there are virtually no emissions produced directly from this oil (though the production of it may entail some). Then, I change the oil & give the (slightly gasoline diluted) stuff to the guy I know who has an oil-burning furnace (& wants to save a few bucks this Winter). Now, at that point does he get charged with the emissions, do I, or does the oil company?

  11. Atowermadeofcheese says:

    You blocked me, and censored my posts.

  12. Atowermadeofcheese says:

    Call it bullshit if you like. The way I see it; you can dish it but can’t take it. Everything on your blog, you own – no dissenting opinion allowed. The guardian is simply following your example.

  13. Martin says:

    I would love to see your comment that upset their poor little green sensibilities

  14. Atowermadeofcheese says:

    Lol, and apparently I’m not the only one. Dissenting opinions on guardian = EVIL CENSORSHIP. Dissenting opinion on ‘real science’ = spam removal.

    You are a hypocrite, Steven. Perhaps that’s why the guardian blocked you.

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