1978 : Government Experts Said No End In Sight To Global Cooling – Polar Vortex Increasing

In 1978, government experts said the exact opposite of everything government experts say now.

ScreenHunter_291 May. 08 11.50ScreenHunter_292 May. 08 11.50

ScreenHunter_284 May. 08 11.45

There wasn’t enough data to make conclusions about the southern hemisphere. Government scientists now just make up southern hemisphere data, and report it to 0.01 or 0.001 precision.

ScreenHunter_285 May. 08 11.45

The polar vortex was increasing due to global cooling

ScreenHunter_286 May. 08 11.46
ScreenHunter_287 May. 08 11.46

Scientists observed no correlation with CO2

ScreenHunter_288 May. 08 11.46
ScreenHunter_289 May. 08 11.46
ScreenHunter_290 May. 08 11.46

International Team of Specialists Finds No End in Sight to 30-Year Cooling Trend in Northern Hemisphere – View Article – NYTimes.com

ScreenHunter_302 May. 08 20.55ScreenHunter_303 May. 08 20.55ScreenHunter_304 May. 08 20.55
ScreenHunter_305 May. 08 20.55


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8 Responses to 1978 : Government Experts Said No End In Sight To Global Cooling – Polar Vortex Increasing

  1. Don B says:

    ” About this time of year in 1777, just before the Battle of Princeton, there was a similar sequence. On January 2, Cornwallis’s men marched south from New York City through cold rain and muddy roads to try to trap George Washington and his little Continental Army in Trenton . On the night of January 2-3, a polar vortex swept across New Jersey, with snow and a very hard freeze. Aided by the extremely cold weather, Washington was able to evacuate his troops and artillery over newly frozen roads and to avoid Cornwallis’s encirclement. Reaching Princeton on the viciously cold morning of January 3, Washington won another battle against the British and escaped to winter quarters in Morristown. Thank you, polar vortex!…”


    Obama’s climate report assumes that Americans have no knowledge of history, and baldly claims that all weather extremes are mankind’s fault.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Since “Government Scientists” ( an oxymoron) predict 100% opposite to what is about to happen, I’m thinking ugg boots, mukluks, snow shoes and books on How to make an igloo, might be a prudent investment this summer. Maybe a sled dog or two.

  3. Billy Liar says:

    30 years of cooling and an increasing polar vortex – just before NSIDC started the Arctic ice graph.

  4. Sherry Moore says:

    R u kidding? TBTF banks are setting up the most awesome investment and short strategy on faux global warming. Buy cheap, sell high. Their POTUS, and ConGress are the best puppets they can buy!

  5. gregole says:


    I clicked on the link you provided to the article and they wanted to charge me $3.95. Not buying. But did the article name the Eight Climate Indexes? Just curious. Fashions in science and public fetishes vary over the years and it is sort of interesting to me to time travel back to that specific time (mid late-70s).

    I was just returning from an overseas assignment in the military in late ’75, call it ’76. Man, what a different time…

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