1985 : Senator Al Gore Warned Of Seven Feet Of Sea Level Rise


Special to the New York Times
Published: December 11, 1985

WASHINGTON, Dec. 10— A group of senators and scientists today called for national and international action to avert a predicted warming of the earth’s climate resulting from a buildup of carbon dioxide and other man-made gases in the atmosphere.

They warned at a Senate hearing that such an effect, like that of a greenhouse, would produce radical climate changes and a subsequent rise in ocean levels that could have catastrophic results in the next century unless steps were taken now to deal with the problem.

Senator Albert Gore Jr., Democrat of Tennessee, said he would introduce legislation to expand and focus scientific efforts on this greenhouse effect.

Because the rise in temperature is expected to be higher at the earth’s poles, another effect of the climate change is expected to be a melting of the icecaps and a rise in the level of the oceans of seven feet or more



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8 Responses to 1985 : Senator Al Gore Warned Of Seven Feet Of Sea Level Rise

  1. Brian H says:

    Maybe he misspoke, and meant inches?

  2. adrianvance says:

    Earth is an 8,000 mile globe with a surface of 210 million square miles 71% of which are covered by water to a depth of 16,000 feet or 3.03 miles for 149 million or 451 cubic miles of sea water. If you put this in a cylinder that is 3.03 miles deep it will have a diameter of 42,400 miles. Therefore, every foot of water would include 28,000 cubic miles of seawater.

    The ice in Arctic ocean is floating and already accounted for so melting would make no difference. According to The Journal of Geophysical Research, JGR, all the glaciers of the world include 41,000 cubic miles of ice which melt to 36,900 cubic miles of water which would increase the water level in our model or on Earth 1.32 feet, 16 inches, and not the 200 feet declared by the people who want to raise your taxes. This estimate agrees with that of the JGR, but it is never reported in the mainstream media.

    This model is confirmed by having 96% agreement with the known coastlines per the USGS and that is not a number made up by the likes of Naomi Oreskes or Doran and Zimmerman of the 97% fraud.

    If you want more science and political matters explained to you on language you can understand and have faith in come to The Two Minute Conservative, free, via Google or at adrianvance.blogspot.com and when you speak they will listen at your dinner table, barbecue or church picnic.

    • Bill P. says:

      You said “faith.” The science worshippers tell me it’s not faith but fact they believe in.

      That they make up their facts is apparently irrelevant. It’s fact, not faith.

      Or something.

  3. Jan Glaser says:

    In high school geography class we learned that the core of the Earth was 10,000 F – (interestingly, that is also the surface temperature of the Sun). A couple of years ago I watched al gore on a late night TV talk show (Conan O’Brien) and Gore said the Earth was “millions of degrees F. below the surface.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14kNtnJgXXM) He then talked about how we could use that intense heat for geothermal energy. That is so completely absurd that it’s hard to fathom from a sixth grader. If the Earth were that hot (many times hotter than the Sun) then we’d all be dust, let alone miners (or even fence post diggers) would regularly melt. Yet – there is no outrage. Nothing can disqualify this buffoon because the press agrees with him on how evil humans are (especially “big oil). Imagine if George W. Bush or Dan Quail said that. But then again, Obama can say Austrian is a language and talk about 57 states, repeatedly mispronounce Navy Corpsmen (he pronounces the “p”) and so forth and that’s all just a slip of the tongue…right.

    • adrianvance says:

      Al Gore took one “dumbell,” required science survey course at Harvard and got a “D” the same semester he flunked out. He was so shaken by his one brush with science he went to Vanderbilt and registered there in Divinity to become a preacher, but he flunked out of that to change to journalism where he managed to finish.

      • Tel says:

        … he flunked out of that to change to journalism …

        Where stupidity can be an advantage.

        • The Watcher says:

          As a journalism major from a top flight j school I am insulted by this claim. I can’t disagree but I can still be insulted.

  4. Cheshirered says:

    Fantastic work Steve. Congratulations.
    Your position is totally vindicated. Anthony deserves respect too, because after a robust exchange he has had the generosity to acknowledge he was wrong and you were correct all along. We can safely say not everyone in climate science is so gallant.
    Meanwhile, this entire episode – claim, counter-claim, evidence, scrutiny, replication, conclusion – is a textbook example of exactly how science should work.

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