Top Scientists Traveling To The Arctic To Watch Ice Melt At -19C

October 2, 2014

SEATTLE – A mission to the Arctic is now underway aboard a sophisticated high tech weather plane to continue study of the melting of ice and the warming of the Arctic Ocean.

The mission aboard a Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft will be based out of Fairbanks, Alaska, for the next three weeks. On board are some of the nation’s top scientists on climate change.

Special flight from Seattle to Arctic studies global warming

The nation’s top scientists are apparently a bunch of real geniuses.

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56 Responses to Top Scientists Traveling To The Arctic To Watch Ice Melt At -19C

  1. QV says:

    I’ll bet they see it too!
    With their special GW glasses.

  2. omanuel says:

    When drinking their champagne and celebrating their good fortunes at landing more large research grants to CONFIRM global warming, they will feel warm inside – regardless of the temperature outside.

  3. Tom Moran says:

    It’s a dry heat…

  4. au1corsair says:

    With enough alcohol-based anti-freeze under their belts those scientists will observe ice melt away under -19 Grad temperatures and discover a new species spawned by Global Warming—pink pachyderms!

  5. darrylb says:

    1) The last two years we have had less (Arctic) melt than the previous six years.
    2) The average winter maximum sea ice has been 13.5 Km2, summer minimum 3.5 Km2
    3) So about 75% of the Arctic sea ice melts and freezes again each year. How does it keep getting thinner?
    4) Each year the area which is frozen depends on the winds and ocean currents

    Yes, there was a downward trend (and an upward trend in the Antarctic) but one would expect that is due to the current warm phase of the Atlantic Multidecadel .Oscillation; in particular, the resulting flow of water with high salinity.

  6. oeman50 says:

    You guys are crazy. Everyone knows the heat that is hiding in the depths of the oceans is rising and melting the Arctic ice from underneath, that is why the ice melts even when the air temperatures are below freezing. So all the scientists have to do is get their “high-tech weather plane” to fly under the ice to see that…….uh oh….never mind!

  7. tom b says:

    At. 3:15 pm central time eureka temp is up to -18*c arctic amplifaction!

  8. David says:

    Just curious…are underwater volcanoes under the artic like the antartic?

  9. nielszoo says:

    The mission: Observe Arctic ice melt.
    The logistics: A P3 Orion, her crew and a bunch of “scientists” with good connections in main stream media to insure scary coverage is assured.
    The challenge: It’s no longer summer in the Arctic and ice is being created, not lost.
    The solution: Land P3 Orion on ice and direct exhaust from its four Allison T56-A-14 turboprop engines at ice until it becomes water and then steam.
    The media reports: “Arctic ice observed melting at unprecedented rates. Incontrovertible proof found that Mankind is obviously responsible and the use of fossil fuels is to blame.”

    Mission Accomplished

  10. David says:

    Remember….if it is cold it is humans fault…if the ice is melting it is the humans fault

  11. lance says:

    My old stomping grounds …slyder fjord and eureka will be frozen now…

  12. Cornelius says:

    (With pipe in mouth …) “We have top men working on it right now.”

  13. etudiant says:

    Basing the effort at Fairbanks puts the ocean a couple of hours away, so they waste maybe a third of each flight just getting to and from the ocean. I’m surprised they are not using Nome or Barrow, both ocean front airports with good support.

    • stewart pid says:

      Nicer hotels / bars in Fairbanks or perhaps the hookers are cheaper / more skilled 😉

    • rah says:

      The P-3 can fly for 16 hours or more. Conditions permitting they can shut down one or two engines to extend their flight time. The aircraft was developed as a sub hunter so it has to have considerable range and the ability to loiter for extended periods even when carrying a full load of sensors and weapons.

      • etudiant says:

        You are quite right, the P-3 endurance can be stretched to that extent, although the performance of the crew gets more spotty, because it is not the cushiest experience.
        I’m just curious why they would base the mission so far inland for an ocean study
        The P-3 is actually a derivative of the Lockheed Electra, which was used by the Eastern Airlines NYC to Boston shuttle. The design goes back to the 1950s.

        • rah says:

          Probably flying out of Eielson AFB. The only other major AFB in Alaska is near Anchorage further south.

  14. MrX says:

    Another ship of fools! Hooray!

  15. au1corsair says:

    It is fortunate that Global Warming Climate “scientists” don’t have mandatory drug screening. Everybody would know that they hear colors and taste music and see flavors!

  16. Andy DC says:

    They formulated their conclusion long before arriving there (it’s worse than we thought!). The epitome of scientific method. Form your conclusion before examining the data

  17. njsnowfan says:

    Are you sure they are not going Walrus watching, they are gartered up for the migration.

    I see more below avg water temps then above in the Arctic waters, Pacific NW is warm but Solar
    use tabs on left side to navigate.

  18. Today according to MAISE, Arctic gained over 100,000 square kms of ice!

  19. Lance says:

    oh, also, at Eureka, the sun rises for the last time in or around Oct 26….not much daylight left…I guess they will be using Infra Red to see at night. (sun rose back around Feb 19th)

  20. Gail Combs says:

    Why are they heading to the Arctic? They could just set-up at the Great Lakes and save tax payers some money.

  21. Stephen Richards says:

    It’s these jollys that persuade them of the need to keep the scam rolling.

  22. Folks, I really am starting to think we are being punked by these people. Perhaps they, too, are now embarrassed by what they are being asked to do, and have decided to do something so absurd that anyone with a functioning brain can see that it’s ridiculous.


  23. omanuel says:

    Here is an interesting story on Professor Curry, the academic climatologist that has refused to
    follow the government’s trail of consensus research grant funds.

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