Quick Note To Republicans – Listening To Progressive Nutcases Is Not a Good Idea


Ohio did have a problem with their climate in 1913



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25 Responses to Quick Note To Republicans – Listening To Progressive Nutcases Is Not a Good Idea

  1. Dear Mr. Kasich and/or his staff,

    I am the grandson of two lifelong Ohioans, and a former resident of Lakewood.

    You would do well to pay attention to the author of this blog page, Steven Goddard a/k/a Tony Heller. No good can come from refusing to look at the evidence of data fraud, which is highly conclusive.

    Moreover, parroting your political opponents when there is good reason to believe that they are wrong is a prescription for political disaster. The people you are agreeing with will not respect you for it. They will have only contempt for a person who tries the strategy you are trying. And they will never support him. His natural supporters, on the other hand, will abandon him in droves.

    There are two sides to the climate debate. You cannot straddle the fence, because the policy implications for each side, if they are right, are mutually exclusive.

    Richard T. Fowler
    Lakeland, Florida

    • Gail Combs says:


      Progressives = Destroy the USA and reduce to serfdom

      Conservatives = Get the country back on track as a Christian Capitalist nation that follows the Constitution AS WRITTEN.

    • nielszoo says:

      Well said sir. This should be an open letter to ALL Republicans running for office.

    • Excellent clarity of thought, Richard.

    • Gail Combs says:

      If you have not posted your letter here is where you can send it:

    • SMS says:

      Governor Kasich is just pandering to his electorate to keep the MSM at bay. If, as Richard T. Fowler suggests, he were to go off the reservation and tell the truth about AGW; he would be pilloried by alarmists and the MSM. The alarmists still control what the media puts out as news to the general public. They would make him look like a fool, he would lose the election, and the Democrat elected to the Governorship would be the worst option possible for Ohioans.

      It’s not time yet for politicians in most states to take a skeptical stance; especially in Ohio. Skeptics have to win the argument in the MSM press, and they aren’t doing that. Making posts at Real Science and WUWT isn’t going to change many minds in the Ohio electorate.

      My guess is that Governor Kasich is a skeptic. I believe this because I don’t hear him making statements like John Kerry or those nit wits from California.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Mr. Kasich believes if he endears himself to the media by licking their butts that he might get their support if he decides to seek a higher office.

    • nielszoo says:

      Look how well it worked for McCain.

    • rah says:

      the Governor has presidential aspirations and much of what he says should be judged with that in mind.

      • I believe you are right. It’s aimed at the confused “moderates” milling at the fence in each election. Kasich is betting that if he cannot be seriously attacked on “climate change”, the issue will fade away since it’s low on the voters’ priority list anyway. It’s the candidate standing on a crate at the fence and proclaiming:

        “Look how moderate I am! Look at me! I am a moderate and I don’t even run for President yet!”

        It’s part of battlespace preparation and it rarely works, as Romney and others know. Mainstream media journalists Democratic operatives with bylines will work on the confused really hard to make sure it doesn’t work.

  3. R. Shearer says:

    Of note, the population then was about 1/3 of today’s.

  4. ccglea says:

    The floods of 1913 were the biggest climate disaster in Ohio history.

  5. ACR says:

    There is a problem with the climate. Too many powerful people are lying about it in order to increase their power.

  6. Eric Simpson says:

    John Kasich is a complete idiot.

    What makes him so special and so much smarter than the vast majority of Republicans that agree that the leftist driven “theory,” as Rick Perry says, is flat out hogwash. You know what’s the most bothersome thing? Republicans that truly feel that they are less enlightened or sophisticated and cultured than the leftists, and so they pick their spots to change sides and walk with the leftists to try to appear at cocktail parties like they are a different sort of “conservative.” What, do things like 18 years of flatlining temps, record Antarctic sea ice levels, the complete embarrassing failure of ALL their climate models, and the obvious leftist underpinnings of the whole AGW movement, do these things even matter in the slightest to “progressive conservatives” like Chris Christie and John Kasich? I don’t think so.

  7. darrylb says:

    Thank you Richard!
    However, I do believe that a significant part of the AGW problem is the fact that Politicians and the news media and also Hollywood to the nth degree are both ignorant and quite lazy with respect to searching for truth in climate change, which is still quite shrouded in uncertainty.
    Can anyone name a member of the news media or a politician who has a science background?
    Of course there are Cook (one of them) and colleague Dana N. who contribute to the Guardian,
    but their unbiased knowledge is quite limited.
    —And face it, the AGW crowd has control of the news media. Hear it enough times and many will tend to believe it. Eventually, though, the foundations will crumble and it will die a slow death.
    Ben Santer’s (and his colleague’s) letter to the Wall Street Journal contained a sentence which should not be overlooked. ‘Climate Change has been my career’ Santer was in charge of working group 1 of the last IPCC report.
    Admitting that one’s entire career is an error is going to be a painful pill to swallow.
    Those with integrity can, those who are focused only on themselves and their career; well, welcome to the real world.

  8. Jim says:

    Liberalism is an evolutionary dead end liberals blame everyone else for their mistakes, liberalism must be stamped out of existence, or this country is doomed.We need real Republicans in office, not rhinos.Climate change is a farce, it’s just another fraudulent excuse, for the dems, to take more money out of our pockets, and put in their greedy little pockets!

  9. gofer says:

    The problem is none of their predictions are true along with 99.7% of their conclusions. They need to stop digging while there is still time to get out of the hole. So are so deep, there is no hope for them.

  10. geran says:

    All Republicans should learn something about leadership from Senator James Inhofe (R-OK). He gave a Senate speech back in 2003 calling AGW “The Greatest Hoax”. Then, he went on to write a book with the same title.

  11. tom0mason says:

    Never listen to a talking donkey, for no matter what it may say, or how fancy the words, or how articulate it may seem, it still has only the brains of a donkey.

  12. The 3rd Graders who run Washington DC and control most all the Media apply a lot of Peer Pressure … and Alinsky style tactics to get folks speaking about Climate Change…

    Who in Washington DC… which elected official calls out the obvious fraud and data manipulation? Nobody…

  13. oarubio says:

    Some must believe that the “problem” with the climate is that it’s not being engineered by humans. — Thank God it’s not!

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