Why Not Blame Bush?

Despite assurances on Ebola, Obama reportedly angry with government response

Despite assurances on Ebola, Obama reportedly angry with government response – The Globe and Mail

Obama wants to be dictator, then blames all of his failures on everybody else.

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18 Responses to Why Not Blame Bush?

  1. dave says:

    NCT02041715 is rarely if ever mentioned in the news.


    Apparently in January the US DOD with a Canadian pharmaceutical company started a ‘first in human’ clinical trial using Ebola right where this Ebola outbreak started.

    I noticed a few blogs have put up references to a September article by Dr. Cyril Broderick, a Liberian scientist, in the Daily Observer, a paper in Monrovia, Liberia.

  2. wyoskeptic says:

    >>> Obama wants to be dictator, then blames all of his failures on everybody else.<<<

    Well, he has the MO down pat. Amazing how to date nothing is his fault. Not one doggone thing.

    Not even the fact he is positively a genius at hiring the worst possible person for whatever job is open and waiting until they quit before firing them.

    I wonder if he learned about the poor government response from the newspapers like everything else that has gone wrong in his administration, since, obviously, he is too busy to read his daily security briefings about minor things like ISIS, Ebola, Iran … and the list goes on.

    • tom0mason says:

      Both Hitler and Stalin understood not to hire staff that were too competent as these could threaten the great leader’s power.

    • inMAGICn says:

      Remember that the O said his biggest (perhaps only, I forget) mistake was “not getting my message out[!]”

  3. Andy DC says:

    Soumds like Hitler used a similar tactic.

  4. geologyjim says:

    Just wait, it’s coming . . . . . . .

    Back in 2004, Congress passed (and Bush signed) the Project Bioshield Act with funding of over $5Billion to develop vaccines etc in defense of bioterrorism.

    That’s where the “missing Ebola Czar”, Dr. Nicole Lurie, came into the picture. She subsequently got into a bit of hot water in the Obama years for directing a $500 Million contract to a pharma firm with deep Dem funding history (Ron Perelman).

    Dr Lurie has been invisible in the current Ebola alarm, despite her department in HHS having been uniquely established specifically to respond to such events.

    But, yeah, it’s Bush’s fault

    see here

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    He is the problem.
    The POTUS claims to be a better X than the X he appointed, a better Y than the Y he appointed, a better . . . [You can look it up!]

    When the aura has faded this will be ranked near the bottom of Administrations.
    An aside:
    The WSJ’s James Taranto has a daily post called Best of the Web. One of his recurring categories is described on Wikipedia as:
    We Blame George W. Bush” – Headlines that assign blame. This is a play on the perceived tendency for many of his detractors to lay the blame for pretty much anything on President George W. Bush.”

  6. SMS says:

    FDR blamed Hoover for the depression and got four terms as president. During FDR’s entire time in office we were in a depression and none of his socialistic programs worked during that period to get us out of our economic problems. Some say the war got us out but that is not true. People were still required to ration during the war. FDR would talk sweet and make the populace feel good, but his programs were ineffective. Sounds very familiar.

    • dmmcmah says:

      Hoover did deserve blame. Read the Forgotten Man. Of course FDR’s policies kept the depression going but Hoover’s actions definitely brought on the worst of the great depression. Hoover started many of the socialist type programs you mention, FDR only expanded them. I am not a liberal so not a fan of his big government programs or strong arm techniques like killing farm animals, but generally there is no comparison between FDR and Obama. FDR was an excellent wartime leader. And despite his socialistic leanings, the level of socialism that FDR had was tiny compared to what the Federal government does today.

      • SMS says:

        So you’re saying that Hoover is to blame for 16 years of depression? I don’t think so. Hoover did implement some protective tariffs, which were a mistake, but the majority of the legislation that kept this nation in a depression was the result of FDR and his administration. Excellent wartime president? FDR is probably more responsible than anyone else for the cold war. But like Obama, he had the journalists covering for him.

        • Dmmcmah was very clear that Hoover was not to blame for 16 years of depression, but that he had responsibility for starting it.

          I think FDR was a wrongheaded weasel, but this does not absolve Hoover of the wrongs of his own Progressive Elitism. Hoover did raise the cost of labor with some of his policies. Hoover changed the tax code in 1932, which when combined with FDR’s changes in 1934, 1935, and 1936 made it very difficult for businesses to plan their investments and the manner of their future operations. This caused a great reduction in investments. Hoover increased the highest individual tax bracket from 25 to 63% and increased corporation taxes as well. He poured money into public works programs designed to hire many people for projects with a very long term payback, which is mal-investment. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff started a massive trade war. Perhaps the worst problem of all was caused by the Federal Reserve in its money supply contraction efforts of 1928 and 1929, for which Hoover was not responsible. Hoover did work very hard at pressuring companies to pay higher wages, which meant they would employ fewer people. In 1930, Hoover signed a large farm subsidy bill that caused farmers to overproduce and drove down farm prices in conjunction with the inability to export farm products due to other countries’ protection of their farms. FDR latter responded to the low prices by destroying large quantities of the over-production even as many went hungry. The Reconstruction Finance Corporation Act was passed by Congress in 1932 and the Emergency Relief and Construction Act was passed in June 1932, with both problem-causers signed by Hoover.

          While the Forgotten Man is an interesting and useful book, Jim Powell’s FDR’s Folly is a better single source for understanding how government policies caused the worst depression in our nation’s history and why we should never expect government to prevent future depressions. Indeed, as the present Great Socialist Recession proves, government is very good at delaying economic recoveries.

        • SMS says:

          Thank you Charles for that information. It was very enlightening. It also does a lot in showing the similarities between Bush- Obama and Hoover- FDR. In both cases the preceding Republican was dipping into the socialist policies to endear himself to the electorate. But it was FDR, and now Obama, that is throwing gasoline on the fire and sending this country into long time depression. And the media will blame Bush for decades to come and never make the connection. The media, and the progressives, are incapable of learning from history.

    • GoneWithTheWind says:

      You are missing the point. Hoover may well have done things that some could connect with causing the depression. Or he may have done things that could have prevented the depression. But the simple fact is economies “want” to cycle from bull to bear. That is the norm. What makes the difference and turns a recession/adjustment into a depression is enacting the wrong policies to fight it. That mistake is 100% FDR’s just as our present great depression is 100% Obama’s fault. When the economy enters into a recession there are things that government can do to shorten it and/or to mitigate it. But if your politics predispose you to enacting socialist policies anyway then a crisis is too good to waste and you enact socialist polices because you can. And ironically if you believe in socialist politics the very failure of it to correct the recession and the deepening depression is simply another “crisis” to take advantage of to enact even more oppressive socialist policies. FDR was a disaster as a president, he was a sociaist and a communist sympathizer. His record is propped up by today’s socialists and communist sympathizers. He created the great depression, he made it last 11 years and if WW II hadn’t broken out it woud have lasted decades until the entire government totaly collapsed.

  7. dmmcmah says:

    Obama is always mad at government! The IRS! He was furious! Ebola! An outrage! The healthcare website! Obama learns of everything in the papers just like we do!

  8. Streetcred says:

    Same behavior of his deposed Australian socialist counterparts, Kevin Rudd and ju-LIAR Gillard. Fortunately, both of these despots were tossed out but not after they’d wracked havoc on the national economy with their socialist scorched earth policies.

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