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ScreenHunter_5504 Dec. 23 07.09

Greenland has gained 300 billion tons of ice since August, and the temperature on the ice sheet is -62 degrees. Our genius of the day believes that Greenland is melting today.

ScreenHunter_5503 Dec. 23 07.08

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

ScreenHunter_5506 Dec. 23 07.13



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44 Responses to Climate Genius Of The Day

  1. philjourdan says:

    He hears the meme. But knows nothing.

  2. cheshirered says:

    Like shooting fish in a barrel.

  3. Dave N says:

    “Sea ice, by the way, does not influence the water level..”

    The clueless are trying to educate others in what they already know; cute!

  4. emsnews says:

    You see, the colder it gets, the more ice melts!

    The Washington Post today has a story about the ‘Verdant Landscape of Iceland’ and it shows nothing but pictures of glaciers! Not a leaf or green thing to be seen!

    They used the word ‘verdant’ in the title to redefine that word so it means ‘Ice Age cold conditions’.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Either that or the writer has a sense of humor and slipped one past his editor. Or maybe it was the photographer tweaking the nose of the establishment.

      Nice catch.

  5. I wish I could ask him how ice melts at 62 degrees below zero.

    • Gail Combs says:

      sublimate – must use the correct word and he did not.

      • Well that’s true, but that has nothing to do with so called AGW unless he is suggesting that humans are creating unnatural extreme dry air.

        • Gail Combs says:

          In the fantasy world of CAGW anything goes as long as it means humans are to blame.

          I had better shut up, Gavin is no doubt busy working on a plausible explanation of how humans are responsible for sublimation as we speak. After all the Warmists came up with melted Arctic sea ice in the middle of the winter as the cause of the polar vortex that froze our rumps last winter so they are capable of any weird twists of ‘logic.’

    • … how ice melts at 62 degrees below zero?

      Because it’s ice made of wilderness water, Brad. Tough, strong and independent, outside the laws of decadent Western sciences. Not some metrosexual bathwater that shudders and starts freezing when you crack open the door. Not some set up water in a Greenpeace fundraising photo-op. This is not Perrier. It’s real water. It existed long before thermometers and it doesn’t care for them. When the sun goes down it stiffens for a moment but it stays on guard and it never rests long. It gets up and carries on.

  6. jeo says:

    Are the annual additions cumulative? For instance, the red line never goes below the “0,” and then it resets to the next year at “0,” implying that the increase that follows is a net addition.

    • Anthony Scalzi says:

      Yes, it is a year over year increase, but it’s the surface mass balance so it ignores calving from the outlet glaciers.

  7. Sparks says:

    Is it true that when Co2 encounters temperatures such as these in the -50’s it falls to ground level and is absorbed into the icepack? I know it’s a rare “low lying gas” on earth, but how it behaves in temperature and not just absolute IR properties should be understood better. I think, does that make sense?

  8. Sparks says:

    Regarding Ice melting bahahaha!

  9. Eliza says:

    !00% bet guy will not reply hahaha. This is great for SG he can actually create interesting posts fed by AGW cretins.

    • Gail Combs says:

      They are called ‘drive-by Trolls’ WUWT and other realist sites see them all the time.

      The sweep in like pigeons dump their regurgitated Al Gore Climate Reality Leadership Corps crap and then fly off.

      Community by community, we are demanding action on climate change.

      At The Climate Reality Project, the members of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps are our front-line agents for change. These Climate Leaders have been trained by our Chairman, Al Gore, and deliver Climate Reality presentations in schools, homes, places of worship, businesses, and government forums. Climate Reality presentations educate people about climate change, and build local networks of climate activists who work in their own communities and countries demanding solutions.

      My 3 days at Al Gore’s Climate Leadership Training in Melbourne

      I wonder how much each pigeon was soaked for by the Con Artists running the show?

      The legal agreement is quite interesting:

      Click to access climate_reality_leader_agreement.pdf

      The Con Artists sure as heck do not want a skeptic looking at the propaganda and shredding it. Very much shades of H*i*tlers youth groups.

      • geologyjim says:

        Spot-on, Gail!

        I was just wondering what color their shirts might be, perhaps something in the brown/earth-tone part of the color wheel.

        This line from the legal agreement cracked me up:

        “Without limitation, this Agreement may be terminated as a result
        of any misconduct including engaging in behaviour that could be considered
        intimidating, insulting, disruptive, offensive or discriminatory, or that may
        otherwise affect the reputation of ACF, TCRP or Al Gore”

        That would pretty much neutralize them, IMHO

        If they can’t discriminate against and offend skeptics, well, where’s the fun in that?

      • Gail & Jim:

        I feel left out. I want to belong but I need further instructions. I want to enter into a Climate Denier Training Agreement, too. I need the official denier materials *) and I’d like to get at least my expenses reimbursed. I am self-taught but I hate the climate and I am determined to destroy it.

        Can I be a leader right away or do I go through an apprenticeship first?


        *) from the Climate Denial Leadership Corps

        • rah says:

          Your secret decoder ring is coming to you via the super secret clandestine communications network.

        • Just got it, rah! I won’t tell anyone!

          Decoding Goddard’s temperature tables …

          be sure to tank up at exxon mobil

          A crummy commercial?

          Son of a bitch!

        • rah says:


          Years ago in what seems like another life time now I had a similar thing happen. We were attending what in SF was known as “the city course”. It was training in clandestine urban ops designed to train teams in “stay behind” operations in occupied urban environments. All the spy trade craft stuff including “micro chips” which are in effect a greatly reduced microfiche we produced using our KS-99 camera set and and field film development techniques.

          The code were based on a standard book using a series of encryption techniques requiring the use of a tri-graph. It was a laborious process to read and decode the message on a “micro chip”. My and another guy spent an hour decoding a message from another cell and what was the super secret message?

          Kermit the Frog jokes like:

          Q. What do you have when you have two little green balls in your hand?

          A. Kermit’s undivided attention!

        • That’s good, rah. It paints a very “static” movie scene. The special forces guy’s grip accompanied by a steely look that says:

          “Not a ribbit if you want them back …”

          Isn’t that a useful technique in clandestine urban ops?

        • rah says:

          Pranks like that were noted and not forgotten. There would be payback sooner or later and preferably at time and in a manner least expected. In that case as I remember the payback was particularly sweet and didn’t come till the following winter. Back then Camp (Now Ft.) McCoy, WI in the dead of a sub zero night during winter warfare training of a Battalion of the now deactivated 11th Reserve SF group. The guilty parties were nice and snug in a command tent with a nice coal burning stove when someone (me. myself, and I) lifted up the side and slipped a grenade simulator in with them. They do make a big bang in the confines of a tent like that.

      • Streetcred says:

        It’s called seagulling, Gail … they fly in cr*p on you and fly off.

  10. emsnews says:

    Steven is in charge of the real global warming school. You have to first ride your bike to his new home…without being mugged…and then live in a hovel at 58 degrees F in winter. That is, you have to live like him.

    If you are joining his global cooling school, also run by him, you get to drive an SUV to classes, live in a big house heated to 80 degrees F and eat popcorn. 🙂

  11. emsnews says:

    The fact is, no one will show up for the ‘Global Warming School’ and Steven can hire Al Gore to teach the ‘Global Cooling School’ since he knows all about warm houses, big cars, etc.

  12. Gaup says:

    From a trustworthy source use spring water instead of antifreeze for every body knows that spring water never freezes …. a environment friendly tip to al AGW people…

  13. Brian D says:

    When it comes to sea level rise, I found this from NOAA. Baseline climatology is 1982-2004 for all products.

    Under Monthly Products plots, comparing annual 1979 to annual 2014, shows, if anything, a decrease over most of the oceans. The area to the east of New Zealand has shown a sustained positive height for about 10 years now, but for everywhere else….??? If sea level is supposedly rising fairly consistently, why are the Pacific and Indian oceans a little lower than they were in 1979? Those 2 basins make up most of world’s oceans!

    2014 so far

  14. Don says:

    I feel justified as I was just hit with the “4 billion Hiroshima size bombs detonation” bit over at DTT dot com when discussing the virtually nonexistant ocean temperature rise.

    Merry Christmas!

    • mjc says:

      Just think about it a second….

      If that figure is correct and it took an equivalent of that many bombs to raise the temperature the minuscule amount it has gone up (which, if I recall is well within the measuring error for the instruments used), then just how many equivalents would it take to raise it what they are saying it should be?

      Then laugh at their absurdity…

  15. omanuel says:

    May Christmas 2014 bring realization that we lessen the chance of society’s survival with every lie about Earth’s climate:

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