Climate Scientists Have Gills

After telling us for years that the global warming pause was caused by heat going to the deep oceans, now they say that the lack of warming in the troposphere isn’t important, because “no one lives there.”

Eric Steig, a professor at the University of Washington, told Mashablethat satellite data’s main flaw is that it doesn’t tell us much about the changing climate where we live — that is, at the surface.

Apparently climate scientists live in the deep ocean, rather than in the troposphere like the rest of us.

They also told us that massive temperature adjustments are necessary because the surface data is crap.  Now they say the surface data is golden. Unbelievable.

“We live on the surface, and the surface temperature records are the most global and longest term record we have,” he said. “The satellite records measure something different — not the surface, where we live but averages over a substantial vertical part of the atmosphere. The records are short, and subject to greater uncertainties than the surface temperature data.”

There is less than a 1-in-27 million chance that Earth’s record hot streak is natural

Apparently it is much easier to make millions of station adjustments, rather than one satellite adjustment.


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19 Responses to Climate Scientists Have Gills

  1. EternalOptimist says:

    I want this Tee
    ‘Climate scientists have gills’
    ‘but Sceptics have B@lls’

  2. EternalOptimist says:

    come to think of it,
    once around the goldfish bowl, they forget what they said last week.
    so gills is just about right

  3. gator69 says:

    … lack of warming in the troposphere isn’t important, because “no one lives there.”

    Does that mean alarmists believe in Santa Claus? I mean they are always worried about the North Pole, but who lives there?

  4. iurockhead says:

    Troposphere temperatures don’t matter? I thought the modeled “fingerprint” of CO2-induced warming was increased temperatures in the troposphere as the CO2 absorbs and re-radiates IR radiation. Have they abandoned that theory?

  5. philjourdan says:

    I always said they were fishy – along with their “science”.

  6. SxyxS says:

    I really love those scientist.
    They are not just magicians and alchemists who can travel through time and adjust data,
    those superheroes can even adjust reality
    and the most fundamental laws of science.

    (I just wonder where all this carbon that is now released was before it became fossil energy?
    Me thinks it was all part of the atmosphere and was absorbed by plants and animals
    who lived by billions at a time when co2 concentration was much much higher and temperatures therefore should have been 200degrees+.
    Wonder how plants and animals managed to survive those high temperatures and why the entire planet did not turn into a desert because of the heat.
    But i’m just a lousy peasant speaking broken english and therefore even unworthy to ask those overlords some critical questions)

    • Gail Combs says:

      SUNY’s Professor Scott Mandia is the guy running Mike Mann’s legal defense fund so he needs his hip waders to get through all the B.S. Mike Mann spews.

      The denizens at WUWT have lots of fun with wondering why the waders.

    • Jon says:

      SxyxS you may be committing the offence of “unregulated rationality”. Beware, the N*S*A and its boss knows who you are!

  7. AndyG55 says:

    These guys are Americans, aren’t they.?

    Maybe someone should point out that there isn’t any warming in the USA either. !

    Slight cooling in fact !!

  8. AndyG55 says:

    As far as I can figure out, most of this pseudo-warming came from an anomaly in the lower arctic.

    And very few people live there, and those that do would almost certainly cherish such a warming anomaly.

  9. AndyG55 says:

    A 1 in 27 million chance..????

    Not with Gavin in charge . It then becomes an near certainty !!

  10. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for your courage and intellectual integrity.

    There are encouraging signs now that Climategate will soon be resolved and we will all finally reap the benefits that Lord Aston promised mankind ninety-two years ago:

  11. Andy Oz says:

    “There is less than a 1-in-27 million chance that Earth’s record hot streak is natural”

    (Face palm)
    That is such a bullshit statement by alarmists. I can calculate the probability of winning the lottery easily.

    There is no way alarmists can calculate the probability that the Earth is having a record hot streak “unnaturally”. There are a quadrillion variables. Whoever wrote that paper should have their qualifications rescinded.

  12. Eric Steig is one of the BS artists who helped spew the website Fake Climate, along with Piltdown Mann and William Connartist

  13. Jon Lonergan says:

    No one lives on the Sun either so I guess it isn’t important for Climate as well.

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