Consensus Science From The 1950’s

By the 1950’s, scientists were convinced that continents don’t move, and that there was life on Mars.

ScreenHunter_1788 Aug. 09 05.28

TimesMachine: June 25, 1950 –

ScreenHunter_1790 Aug. 09 05.34

TimesMachine: May 8, 1958 –

Scientists are very smart, and you simply aren’t qualified to disagree with them.

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4 Responses to Consensus Science From The 1950’s

  1. Menicholas says:

    At the time, many scientists and laymen believed that the continents did indeed move, but to mention it in a scientific paper…even hint at it…was career death.

  2. Beale says:

    I see no reason to believe the NYT when it says that “most astronomers” agreed there was vegetation on Mars. The second story, about continental drift, admittedly reports the opinion of only one man.

  3. oarubio says:

    I was fortunate to know Dr. Kenneth Caster of the University of Cincinnati. He died in the 1990’s and was recognized by Europeans as a pioneer on the proof of continental drift. I don’t know when he stated and published that. Guess I should research it.

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