Ministry Of Truth Hard At Work

NCDC has been tasked by the White House to produce propaganda to help push Barack Obama’s global warming agenda through. This includes a recent press release that the current winter is one of the hottest on record in the US.

Never mind that the Great Lakes are nearing a record high for ice coverage.


Never mind that the US is facing record cold over for the remainder of the winter.

ScreenHunter_7328 Feb. 20 05.49

What is important is that NCDC tampers with the data in a spectacular hockey stick, to make a frozen country appear to be warming out of control. 

ScreenHunter_7338 Feb. 20 09.05

Note that they do maximum data tampering at the actual hottest year of 1934.

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  1. gator69 says:

    “JUST DO IT.”

  2. jmrSudbury says:

    We just broke another long standing record in Northern Ontario.

    Record Value:

    Lowest Temperature (1954-2013) -29.4°C 1959

    Current Value:

    Observed at: Greater Sudbury Airport
    Date: 9:00 AM EST Friday 20 February 2015
    Temperature: -30.9°C

  3. Eliza says:

    Pachauri is dead meat….After winning a relaxation of the injunction, the Economic Times posted a longer article on 19 February at 4am, re-stating the allegations of the original report:

    The FIR alleges Pachauri committed offences under Sections 354, 354A, 354D, 506 of IPC, which deal with outraging the modesty of a woman, sexual harassment, stalking, and criminal intimidation, respectively. Prashant Mehndiratta, a senior Delhi High Court lawyer representing the complainant, confirmed that an FIR has been registered after the alleged victim’s statement was recorded, a process that took over oneand-a-half hours.

    However, a statement sent to the ET from a Pachauri spokesperson stated:

    The Delhi High Court has been pleased to pass order dated 17/02/2015. The said matter came up for hearing on 18/2/2015 wherein modifications have been made in the said order for defendant no. 1, 2 and 3 only.

    However subject to the modifications in the order concerning defendants no 1 to 3, the order dated 17/02/2015 is applicable to the defendants and continues to be operational.

    Given the fact that the said matter is currently subjudice and the Hon’ble High Court is seized of the matter, it will not be prudent or appropriate to comment anything on the matter pending adjudication before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court

  4. omanuel says:

    The US National Academy of Sciences has served as the US Ministry of Truth since the USSR was disbanded.

    The US National Academy of Sciences has reviewed the budgets of federal research agencies for Congress and directed public tax funds to finance the following lies as scientific facts:

    1. Conflict of science with religion
    2. The Standard Climate Models
    3. The Standard Nuclear Model
    4. The Standard Solar Model
    5. Big Bang Cosmology Model

    All of the above consensus science falsehoods are designed to hide our total dependence on the Sun’s pulsar core that first made and now sustains each atom, life and world in the solar system and the changing climate on each planet orbiting the Sun.

  5. Eliza says:

    This will knock another 20% of AGW believers from the list worlwide (Susceptible women being had by the AGW establishment) LOL

  6. Eliza says:

    Its spreading like wildfire LOL
    My guess is the actual prime minister of India is an avowed skeptic and is eager to kill AGW ASAP.This is their chance

    • Gail Combs says:

      India tossed Greenpeace out on their ear.
      Govt bans direct foreign funding of NGOs

      The Centre has banned direct foreign funding to NGOs operating in India unless they fulfil stringent regulatory norms and show compliance reports. This is seen as the beginning of a process to block flow of foreign aid to NGOs, which, it perceives, are engaged in stalling developmental activities in the country. As per this exercise, the Centre has cracked down on NGO Greenpeace and placed on its radars thousands of other voluntary organisations receiving foreign aid.

      The Ministry of Home Affairs has directed the Reserve Bank of India to take prior permission of the Home Ministry’s Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) Department before clearing any foreign aid to Greenpeace from Greenpeace International and Climate Works. This directive issued on June 13, will put on hold direct funding of this controversial NGO from abroad since each transaction has to be cleared on a case-to-case basis by the RBI….

      Greenpeace Activists Banned from Entering India

      The Centre has so far banned 13 foreign activists of Greenpeace International from entering India including nine from the UK, three from the USA and an Australian national.

      These activists have been blacklisted as their activities were found to be in violation of visa rules and they were found to be training, motivating and organising Greenpeace India’s activists to create field level protests near thermal plant and coal mine locations, apart from other activities that would damage India’s energy security interests, Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has told the Delhi High Court….

      Indian Express: Greenpeace whining

      Seems India is not nearly as foolish as the USA or Europe.

  7. baconman says:

    While I don’t agree with it, at least I understand some of the arguments for adjusting past temperatures because of TOBS. So, what is the reasoning behind adjusting more recent temps upwards? Since TOBS is no longer a factor, is there some inherent problem with the thermosensors they use that makes them record lower values?

    • Because the commie-in-chief told him to.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Zeke Hausfeather says over at Judith Curry’s

      ….For example, MMTS sensors tend to read maximum daily temperatures about 0.5 C colder than LiG thermometers at the same location. There is a very obvious cooling bias in the record associated with the conversion of most co-op stations from LiG to MMTS in the 1980s….

      Which turns out to be pig feces in the extreme.
      notrickszone reports

      …German veteran meteorologist Klaus Hager, see here and here. The test compared traditional glass mercury thermometer measurement stations to the new electronic measurement system, whose implementation began at Germany’s approximately 2000 surface stations in 1985 and concluded around 2000.

      Hager’s test results showed that on average the new electronic measurement system produced warmer temperature readings: a whopping mean of 0.93°C warmer. The question is: Is this detectable in Germany’s temperature dataset? Do we see a temperature jump during the time the new “warmer” system was put into operation (1985 – 2000)? The answer is: absolutely!…

      So with just that wrong way adjustment they change the data by almost 1 °C and that does not get into dropping rural stations and smearing the data from airports for 1200 kilometers.

      Dr Edward R. Long, Ph.D. in physics and a retired NASA scientist has provided more validation of data altering.

      A Pending American Temperaturegate
      By Edward R. Long

      …We selected two sets of meteorological stations (48 each, with one station per each of the lower 48 states) from the NCDC master list. The stations in one set were at rural locations — a rural set…..

      ……..*oC/Century, 11-Year Average Based on the Use of
      Station Set …….Raw Data* … Adjusted Data*

      Rural (48) ………….. 0.11 ………. 0.58

      Urban (48)………….. 0.72 ………. 0.72

      Rural + Urban (96) … 0.47 ……… 0.65

      The values in the table highlight four important considerations:

      1) The rate of increase for rural locations, based on as-measured (raw) values, is small
      (if not, in effect, zero) at 0.11 oC/century

      2) There is definitely a UHIE in that the urban raw data has a rate of increase of 0.72oC/century. This tells us that man has caused warming in urban locations. This finding should not surprise anyone. On the other hand, because the rural value is 15% of the urban value, the UHIE has not caused warming in the rural locations, and it certainly has not caused a global sense of warming other than the aspect that the urban location values when averaged with the rural values produce an average increase which is larger than that of the rural alone.

      3) The rural + urban value for the adjusted data, 0.65oC/century, is still less than the 0.69oC/century published by the NCDC. Thus, likely, there are more urban than rural sites used by the NCDC.

      4) And this is the “Temperaturegate” aspect: The NCDC’s massaging — they call it “adjusting” — has resulted in an increase in the rural values, from a raw value of 0.11oC/century to an adjusted value of 0.58oC/century, and no change in the urban values. That is, the NCDC’s treatment has forced the rural value to look more like that of the urban. This is the exact opposite of any rational consideration, given the growth of the sizes of and activities within urban locations, unless deception is the goal.

      The criticism this makes of the NCDC’s treatment of historical data for the contiguous U.S. is the same as a recent Russian paper made of the HadCRUT treatment of historical temperature data for Russia. For a thumbnail of the points made in that paper, click here.

      So instead of adjusting city/urban temperatures DOWN by around 1 deg. C or more the adjust the rural stations UP.

      A population density of only 100 persons per sq. km exhibits average warming of about 0.8 deg. C compared to a nearby unpopulated temperature monitoring location.

      Corrupt doesn’t even begin to describe NOAA.

  8. Gail Combs says:

    Another one bites the dust!

    Seems the Big Con is starting to get a bit ragged around the edges. (snicker)

    Ex-Bureaucrat Who Hired Jonathan Gruber Stonewalls Minnesota Investigation of His Work

    April Todd-Malmlov, the former executive director of MNsure, the state of Minnesota’s Obamacare health exchange, is refusing to testify in the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor’s (OLA) investigation into the troubled program. [She was subpoenad but never bothered to show.]

    Todd-Malmlov hired Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber (as a subcontractor who developed the “Gruber-Gorman report” for Minnesota using his proprietary Gruber Microsimulation Model) in 2011, and approved $329,000 of invoices he submitted, all of which failed to provide the level of billing detail called for in his contract….

    In December, Republican State Representative Greg Davids criticized Gruber’s work and called on Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson to investigate Gruber’s billings practices and require him to refund the entire $329,000 he received for his projections.

    “The error rate for Dr. Gruber’s work is beyond laughable,” Davids told Breitbart News…..

    Minnesota is not the only state or federal entity with unresolved questions about Jonathan Gruber’s billing practices and the methodology he used in developing his Obamacare related economic projections.

    Todd-Malmlov’s stonewalling of the OLA investigation into the launch of MNsure, and Jonathan Gruber’s role in that launch, is consistent with Gruber’s own pattern of stonewalling questions posed by other state and federal authorities.

    In Vermont, for instance, Gruber has yet to respond to inquiries posed in December by State Auditor Doug Hoffman, who wants details about $80,000 of invoices submitted by Gruber and paid to him by the state of Vermont for work purportedly undertaken by unnamed research assistants.

    In January, Hoffman described Gruber’s response to his requests for information as “unsatisfactory.”…

  9. ren says:

    Every winter the stratosphere over the North Pole cools, this begins when the sunlight can no longer provide the energy to heat the ozone. Without this energy, the stratosphere cools rapidly, creating a thermal imbalance with the warmer stratosphere further south. This imbalance creates a large pressure difference and combined with the Coriolis effect, creates a large strong jet stream, circumnavigating the globe in the stratosphere in an eastwards direction. This system is known as the polar night jet, and contained within it is a strong vortex – known as the polar vortex.

    The polar vortex increases and decreases in strength depending upon how cold the polar stratospheric atmosphere becomes during winter. The colder the polar stratosphere becomes, the stronger the polar vortex – and vice versa. The strength of the stratospheric polar vortex influences the atmosphere below it in the troposphere.

    The troposphere also has a strong vortex over the North Pole during winter, this occurs due to tropospheric temperature and pressure differences. The strength of the stratospheric vortex helps govern the strength of the tropospheric vortex and this directly affects the strength of the jet stream.

    In colder stratospheric conditions the jet stream becomes stronger; the stronger the jet stream, the straighter it flows and during winter, this normally keeps it on a collision course with the UK. A powerful jet stream is associated with unsettled and milder air, often with periods of heavy rain and windy conditions as one depression after another charges in from the Atlantic.

    In warmer stratospheric conditions the jet stream takes a more meandering path due to a weaker polar vortex. This allows cold air to spill further south.
    Polar vortex is weak in places where there is an excess of ozone, which generates a higher temperature.
    Now occurs this over Canada.

    • ren says:

      Click the graphic.

    • DD More says:

      Don’t forget to factor in the solar wind strength, as monitored here
      I have seen where GW values range from 5 to 150 on a continues input. May be an added driver to solar cycle factors.
      PS – 9 GW today.

      • ren says:

        Galactic Cosmic Rays, high-energy radiation consisting chiefly of subatomic particles moving at nearly the speed of light. Primary cosmic rays bombard the earth’s atmosphere continuously from all directions. Few reach the surface of the earth, however, because most are stopped or destroyed in violent collisions with atoms of air. The collisions create showers of new subatomic particles called secondary cosmic rays, which move at very high speeds in the same general direction as the primary rays that produced them. Some secondary cosmic rays, in turn, collide with other air atoms lower in the atmosphere, creating even more secondary cosmic rays. By the time it reaches the earth’s surface, a shower may consist of hundreds of thousands of secondary rays, all created within a fraction of a second.

        Astronomers believe that most primary cosmic rays originate within our galaxy and that they reach their high speeds because of the action of magnetic forces in space. The sun and the magnetic fields of planets in the solar system have been shown to be sources of weak cosmic rays. Specific sources of other cosmic rays cannot be determined easily, because large magnetic fields in the galaxy scatter the rays in all directions. Some astronomical observations indicate that a principal source of cosmic rays is Cygnus X-3, a distant binary star system near the edge of our galaxy. Other sources may be supernovae and pulsars. The most powerful cosmic rays probably originate in other galaxies.

        Most primary cosmic rays are the nuclei of atoms, in particular the nuclei of hydrogen atoms (protons) and helium atoms. Typically, the energy of primary cosmic rays that reach the vicinity of the earth ranges from 1 to 10 GeV (1 to 10 giga [billion] electron volts). Some cosmic rays, however, have energies more than a billion times greater (up to 1020 eV). These energies are much higher than the energies acquired by particles in particle accelerators.

        Secondary cosmic rays consist of gamma rays and a large variety of elementary particles, including mesons, protons, neutrons, electrons, and positrons. They are constantly striking every object on earth. Though each secondary cosmic ray possesses only a small fraction of the energy of the primary ray, some secondary cosmic rays have enough energy to penetrate deep into solid rock.

        As forms of high-energy radiation, both primary and secondary cosmic rays may affect living things by causing changes in their genes, which control heredity. Cosmic rays are involved in the formation of carbon 14, which is used in the radioactive dating of organic material. The carbon 14 is formed when cosmic rays strike nitrogen atoms in the air.

        Cosmic rays provide scientists with information about the structure, operation, and history of the galaxy and of the universe. Studies of cosmic rays have led to the discovery of many elementary particles. Also, cosmic rays have provided a test of certain effects predicted by the Special Theory of Relativity, because the particles that constitute cosmic rays move at speeds close to that of light.
        In this work we continue studying possible reasons for the temporal variability of longterm
        effects of solar activity (SA) and galactic cosmic ray (GCR) variations on the lower
        atmosphere circulation. It was revealed that the detected earlier ~60-year oscillations of the
        amplitude and sign of SA/GCR effects on the troposphere pressure at high and middle latitudes are
        closely related to the state of a cyclonic vortex forming in the polar stratosphere. A roughly 60-
        year periodicity was found in the vortex strength affecting the evolution of the large-scale
        atmospheric circulation and the character of SA/GCR effects. It was shown that the sign reversals
        of the correlations between tropospheric pressure and SA/GCR variations coincide well with the
        transitions between the different states of the vortex. Most pronounced SA/GCR influence on the
        development of extratropical baric systems is observed when the vortex is strong. The results
        obtained suggest that the evolution of the stratospheric polar vortex plays an important part in the
        mechanism of solar-atmospheric links.

        Click to access Veretenenko_%20et_all_Geocosmos2012proceedings.pdf

        • ren says:

          Monitoring of cosmic rays at cruise altitudes lead NAIRAS. GCR grow when is falling solar activity.

        • ren says:

          In a period of very low solar activity because of the GCR, significantly increases the risk for aircraft and spacecraft. Flight to Mars may not be possible. Before so powerful energies there is no collateral.

        • rah says:

          ‘The Resilient Earth’Page 195, starting at paragraph four:
          “To summarize, the link between cosmic rays and climate regulation, we know the following: The Sun and Earth both have magnetic fields that deflect some incoming cosmic rays. This divides the cosmic rays into three categories; low energy rays that are deflected by Earth’s magnetic field, medium energy rays that are deflected by the solar wind and magnetic field, and high energy waves that are not deflected by either magnetic field.

          As energy levels rise, the number of GCR drop drmatically. But, very energetic GCR create a majority of the extensive air showers, and hend, a majority of muons that penetrate to Earth’s surface. About 60% of GCR created muons are created by the high-energy ray category. These are the GCR that cannot be blocked by the Sun’s protective magnetic field. About 40% of GCR muons fll into the middle or low categories, caused by primary particles that can be blocked by the Sun’s field.

          These are muons that vary with changes in the Sun’s activity, causing decadal and centuries long cycle of temperature variation. Earth’s magnetic field plays almost no role in regulating GCR generated mouns. It has been estimated that the total disappearance of the Earth’s magnetic field wold only result in a 3% increase in ground level radiation.

          The new explanation of Earth’s climate history is presented for the non-scientist in Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder’s book ‘The Chilling Stars’. This new work is a severe blow to proponents of the enhanced greenhouse hypothesis and advocates of antropogenic global warming who have worked so hard to deny solar influence on global climate.”

  10. Gail Combs says:

    OH My, Oh my, Tony you need to read this!

    Oregon Governor Resigns over Green Energy Cronyism Scandal
    Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber resigned Friday, giving in to mounting pressure to abandon his office amid suspicions that his fiancee used her relationship with him to land contracts for her green-energy consulting business.

    In a lengthy statement, the state’s longest-serving chief executive insisted he broke no laws. He said the resignation would be effective Wednesday….

    In addition to the written statement, Kitzhaber released audio of himself reading from it. At the end, his voice trembled, and he seemed to be choking back tears.

    His statement was defiant, saying it was “troubling” that “so many of my former allies” had chosen to “simply accept” that he had done something wrong, referring to Democrats who had abandoned him.….

    A series of newspaper reports since October have chronicled Hayes’ work for organizations with an interest in Oregon public policy. At the same time, she was paid by advocacy groups and played an active role in Kitzhaber’s administration, a potential conflict of interest.

    The spotlight on Hayes led to her reveal that she accepted about $5,000 to illegally marry a man seeking immigration benefits in the 1990s. Later, she admitted she bought a remote property with the intent to grow marijuana.

    Though questions about Hayes have swirled for months, the pressure on Kitzhaber intensified in recent weeks after newspapers raised questions about whether Hayes reported all her income on her tax returns. She has not publicly addressed the allegation and Kitzhaber has declined to. Earlier this week, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said she was launching a criminal investigation….

    Subpoenas arrive as Oregon governor announces departure

  11. NancyG says:

    I’m on Long Island and just caught the weather report on tv. Last night we broke the record for cold. We have salt water bays and harbors frozen, there is ice in the ocean that is slushy at the shore. People have said they haven’t seen this in 20 years.

    Personally, I don’t remember ever hearing there was slushy ice on the shore and I’m 56 and lived here my whole life, but I may have missed it. You would think they would dial back a little on the warming b.s. in the US.

    • rah says:

      They can’t Nancy. Too much of their agenda depends on it. They will be saying that we’re warming until they are mocked by the public and press. Until they they will keep the fantasy going.

      • nielszoo says:

        They’ll only be mocked by a very small part of the “news” media as they have a deep and abiding love for the ultimate goal of CAGW “science”… more Progressive government. Note the lukewarm responses to the recent kerfuffle about that Williams guy lying through his teeth… for decades. I didn’t hear a lot of real outrage from his “peers” in the media. You really think they’ll be any different when it becomes time for them to acknowledge that all the skeptics they’ve been insulting and censoring for the last 20+ years are correct?

  12. Eliza says:

    Reuters is onto it If BBC, NBC, ect don’t publish it will prove beyond doubt their complicity in the AGW fraud because its just a sensantion story not related to climate ect.

  13. Winnipeg Boy says:

    Last chart does NOT look like a hockey stick. It looks like a Jai Alai stick.
    Phonetically that is Hi I Lie.

  14. ren says:

    Low solar activity is conducive weakened polar vortex. The current solar cycle 24 is coming to a minimum. This means that the current polar vortex pattern occurs in subsequent years. This should deal with the governments of Canada and the US.

    • Gail Combs says:

      The US government is well aware that their window of warm weather is closing and they have to get a treaty signed in Paris the November or CAGW is dead.

  15. Andy says:

    Now on the BBC so you must be feeling a bit of the cold coming off the Arctic

    Keep warm.

    Of course if you or alternatively Europe for the last year or two have been getting the cold from the Arctic it means the Arctic is not that cold.

    I know Steve G likes his danish graph

    See, you being cold means the Arctic is just sharing 🙂

    Ice extent is therefore low,


  16. macrobeak says:

    Ren, thanks for your excellent blogs here – keep it up. Better still – start your own blog!

  17. kirkmyers says:

    The first action by a new president should be to shut down and defund both NASA GISS and NOAA NCDC. Both Gavin Schmidt and Tom Karl should be investigated for fraud as should be Jim Hansen.

  18. gofer says:

    Here comes the food Gestapo and of course greenhouse gases are mentioned:

    Feds: America Should Adopt ‘Plant-Based’ Diet |

    “The federal committee responsible for nutrition guidelines is calling for the adoption of “plant-based” diets, taxes on dessert, trained obesity “interventionists” at worksites, and electronic monitoring of how long Americans sit in front of the television.

    The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) released its far-reaching 571-page report of recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Thursday, which detailed its plans to “transform the food system.”……..

    • Gail Combs says:

      This surprises you?
      We did try to warn you about the take over of the food supply over a 1/2 decade ago.

      FDA Shows Its True Colors
      By Gené Walls | May 30, 2010

      Confirming what we have long suspected: Health and Human Services and its agency, the FDA, have no regard for our rights as individuals to choose the foods we eat nor the health interventions we seek. This was made crystal clear in the government’s response to the lawsuit filed by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund in February 2010…

      I’m amazed that FDA brazenly claimed:

      “There is no absolute right to consume or feed children any particular food.” [p. 25]

      I can agree with not consuming children…

      “Plaintiffs’ assertion of a ‘fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families’ is similarly unavailing because plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish.” [p. 26]

      If you can’t believe this, take a look at the April 26, 2010 document for yourself titled, “Brief in Support of United States’ Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint” posted at

      Now we can begin to understand how the FDA can unleash food additives like Saccharin (e.g., Sweet’n’Low) and Aspartame (e.g., NutriSweet) and allow manufacturers to still label foods containing these sweeteners as “healthy”….

      Notice those statement by the FDA was made in a court of law. One way to ‘make laws’ without going through Congress is through case law. That is law based on precedence set in court.


      It explains the real goal of the Food Safety Modernization Act.
      Protection of the food system certainly had nothing to do with that law since it functions to make food UNSAFE
      Trojan Horse Law: The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

      ….Lori Robertson of, who is not a lawyer (she has a B.A. in advertising), claims the bill doesn’t apply to “that tomato plant in your backyard.” As a lawyer, I am skeptical of this claim (I co-represented the prevailing defendant in the last successful constitutional challenge to federal regulation under the interstate commerce clause, United States v. Morrison (2000), one of only two cases in 70 years in which a challenge was successful). Congress’s power under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause is almost unlimited in the eyes of the courts, and thus can reach the “tomato plant in your backyard.”

      This so-called “food safety” bill may actually make food less safe. Federal regulation often backfires or reduces competition….


      It also answers the question: Why Is the USDA Buying Submachine Guns with 30-Round Magazines?

  19. Gail Combs says:

    MORE DIGGING This time on Lori Robertson and FactCheck.

    I had already mentioned how Organic Consumer’s and Food & Water Watch betrayed US citizens in the matter of the Food Safety Modernization Act, and were handsomely rewarded for that betrayal, HERE.

    The target was articles by Linn-Cohen-Cole like this: A solemn walk through HR 875

    Food and Water Watch put out information on HR 875 to counter “myths” and “rumors” on the internet that the bill would criminalize organic farming and take over seeds. It gives no specifics to back up its “facts,” so the following close up view of the bill and accompanying commentary offers the reader a chance to decide for themselves what is myth and what is fact.

    As Lynn said in a different Op Ed “…if people will take time to read the bill (and there are comments to help them along), they will see stopping those bills is fundamental to freedom for all of us to even exist. WRITE THE SUBCOMMITTEE CHAIR. HR 875 is more dangerous to this country than even the bailout.” Unfortunately it looks like she is even more right than any of us thought. (Lynn did the final writing but the research was a group effort.)

    Fact Check also got into the act of countering any opposition to the proposed law.

    Lori Robertson’s smear of Lynn Cohen-Cole’s effort to warn Americans is HERE

    The question is who is Lori Robertson and more important, who is she fronting for?
    Lori Robertson of, — A Project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center
    Lori Robertson is on the staff of the Annenberg Public Policy Center. So that is who Lori is working for.

    The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania has been the premier communication policy center in the country since its founding in 1993. By conducting and releasing research, staging conferences and hosting policy discussions, its scholars have addressed the role of communication in politics, adolescent behavior, child development, health care, civics and mental health, among other important arenas.

    This is a group doing research on the best method of delivering propaganda. Just read the bio of Dan Romer Ph.D. and you will see what I mean. It is all about getting out the ‘correct message’ to shape behavior.

    Heck, even WIKI says the Annenberg Foundation is into Social Justice and the rest of the UN/Progressive/Socialist/Communist propaganda.

    …The Annenberg Foundation continues its historic programming focus, but is expanding to include environmental stewardship, social justice, and animal welfare. The foundation continues to evolve from a traditional grantmaking institution to one that is actively involved in the community. The Annenberg Foundation strives to promote charitable activities through which large-scale solutions to systemic problems are pursued…

    The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania developed Factcheck… monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases.

    What Factcheck actually does is counter any truth that might wake the Sheeple up. It has nothing to do with actually checking the FACTS. It’s purpose is to think for the Sheeple and reassure them if they are troubled by cognitive dissonance due to something they heard or read.


    CNN – Ayers and Obama crossed paths on boards, records show.
    (Not available)
    Snips of article available at:

    “A review of board minutes and records by CNN show Obama crossed paths repeatedly with Ayers at board meetings of the Annenberg Challenge Project.

    The Annenberg Foundation gave the project a $50 million grant to match local private funds to improve schools, and Ayers fought to bring the grant to Chicago, according to participants and project records.

    The project’s organizing committee asked Obama to serve as the board chairman in 1995. Annenberg Project Executive Director Ken Rollings said Ayers was not a member of that ad hoc group when the decision was made.

    For seven years, Ayers and Obama — among many others — worked on funding for education projects, including some projects advocated by Ayers.

    “The specific job of the board of directors was to give out the money.,” said Stanley Kurtz, a conservative researcher for the Ethics and Public Policy Center and frequent Obama critic.

    “Instead of giving money directly to schools, they gave money to what they call external partners and these partners were often pretty radical community organizer groups,” said Kurtz, who also has been reviewing the Annenberg Challenge’s recently released records.

    The board, for example, gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Ayers’ small schools project. The project promoted alternative education, including projects like the Peace School — where the curriculum centered on a United Nations theme — and another school where the focus was African-American studies.

    The funding, according to Kurtz and records CNN reviewed, came directly from the Annenberg foundation which Obama chaired. The project shut down in 2003 after achieving “little impact on school improvement and student outcomes,” its final report stated.

    While working on the Annenberg project, Obama and Ayers also served together on a second charitable foundation, the Woods Fund. It was that foundation that Obama referenced in the debate — not the Annenberg Challenge.

    Among Wood Foundation recipients were the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church, where Obama attended and was married; and the Children and Family Justice Center, where Ayers’ wife Dohrn was director.”….

  20. Gail Combs says:

    A bit more on the US government and our food supply. Obama was not kidding when he said he would “Fundamentally Transform America!”

    I will start out with this from a left leaning Organic Gardner.
    People’s Gardens: Why Would the USDA Want People to Register Their Gardens?

    As the author says the ” People’s Gardens” are community gardens. (Although the use of the word ‘People’ should sound loud alarm bells.)
    What is interesting is one of the comments:

    Guest • 3 years ago

    I worked for USDA when a memo was sent out to all managers asking to compile list all community gardens in their area. My husband just told me two gentlemen he worked with got letters in the mail recently asking if they had a personal garden on their property (they both own a few acres). I personally would NEVER tell the government if I had a garden! My guess is that they know the economy is going to collapse so with a database of all the gardens they can force you to share your food with the community.

    Of course the states are often used as information collectors as livestock farmers found out the hard way. Taxachusetts placed anyone with property and getting horse magazines, vet checks… in the USDA Animal ID data base without permission. Once in the database the USDA refused to wipe the entries. Even children were used. 4H leaders would interrogate kids and sign up their family farms. Again without the parents permission. This was the ‘VOLUNTARY’ sign-up BTW.

    Utah Garden Challenge for Suckers this article is well worth the read.

    The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is promoting the Utah Garden Challenge in order to collect information about independent food production for the USDA.

    The Utah Garden Challenge is a voluntary contest to register 10,000 gardens. The data mining project has a broad interest in any “resource” who is growing food:

    “Whether you grow a tomato in a pot, a row in a community garden, have backyard gardens, a CSA or working fruit and vegetable farm, we want to hear from you because you are an important resource as a food producer.”

    While the contest paints a proud face on independent food production, it is important to remember that registering with the government sets up a system to track, tax, permit or confiscate the registered item. Gun ownership is a good example of this scheme….
    Additionally, the FBI identifies people who store food as potential terrorists!

    Why Is Utah a Threat?

    1. A few months ago Utah voted down a Food Freedom Bill that would have made it a crime for anyone, including Utah state agents, to enforce the Food Safety Modernization Act’s unconstitutional mandates. It would have made farmers who trade only inside of state lines exempt. The bill was a direct constitutional challenge to federal overreach.

    2. Highland City, Utah passed a Food Freedom ordinance that exempts residents from federal regulations on food that is produced, exchanged and consumed within city limits (state laws still apply)

    3. Utah has the largest concentration of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as Mormons) who have an official policy of food storage, currently set at a 1-year minimum supply. This may be construed as a threat by the FBI, especially since a 1-year supply of food can cost as little as $225……

    Register Your 350 Garden!

    Whether you’re planning a 350 Garden or have had one for years, please register it so we can add your data to our list. These are just some ways that registering your garden will help us:

    We can better quantify our county’s carbon footprint
    Your neighbors know where they might go for advice
    Encourage others to join the 350 Gardens movement

    The 350 Home & Garden Challenge is part of Transition US, the US national hub of the international Transition Network.

    Organizing a Home & Garden Challenge in your town (or city, village, county, parish, island) not only helps raise awareness and continue to build local resiliency, it offers an opportunity for your citizens to be a part of something much larger. This is the perfect opportunity for communities across the country to come together and show their solidarity. [Why do we keep seeing all these communist buzz words?]

    Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States….

    The Transition Movement is a vibrant, grassroots movement that seeks to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis. It represents one of the most promising ways of engaging people in strengthening their communities against the effects of these challenges, resulting in a life that is more abundant, fulfilling, equitable and socially connected.

    We believe that we can make the transition to a more sustainable world. We hope that you will join us.

    Our Story

    Our vision is that every community in the United States has engaged its collective creativity to unleash an extraordinary and historic transition to a future beyond fossil fuels; a future that is more vibrant, abundant and resilient; one that is ultimately preferable to the present. [Yeah, like serfdom is preferable to freedom]

    I suggest you read: The Home page. with links to stories like:
    Meet the Transition Towns and Cities of the Mid-Atlantic Region
    Where Do the Transition Environmental Movement and The Social Justice Movement Intersect?

  21. Gail Combs says:

    What a tangled mess this is.

    Rosa Koire identified the danger years ago. THE POST SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

    Your government is a corporatocracy, a new authoritarian state in the process of consolidating your output into a more controllable, exploitable channel…

    She identified one of the critical points.

    …You are in the midst of the biggest public relations scam in the history of the world. The pretty pastel vision of life in a Smart Growth development is a manipulation, a mask. In fact these plans are designed to restrict your freedom of movement and choice.

    Transit villages (formerly known as cities) will be restricted to having only the population that can be supported by food grown within a 100 mile radius (called a ‘foodshed’).
    Food sheds will dictate where you can live and when you can change your residence.

    Calculations, such as those done recently at Cornell University, will determine how much food can be grown within that area and then the Transit Village population will be limited to the number of people who can be fed by that land.

    It is reasonable to expect rationing based on this mode. If you want to move to that village you will have to apply and wait for an opening. …

    She identified Cornell University as a place where the research is being done: Interesting that the page now turns up “Not Found” The word “foodshed’ now turns up “Storying the Food Shed” an entirely different subject.

    The only thing I can now find is an Academic paper: Foodshed analysis and its relevance to sustainability (No abstract) That leads to Mapping potential foodsheds in New York State by food group: an approach for prioritizing which foods to grow locally. Again no abstract. But the Abstract can be found here: HERE Have you ever seen a university NOT link to the abstracts of the papers their professors produce?

    With more digging I found: Retracting the Global Foodshed

    ….A ‘Foodshed’ – a term coined by researchers from Cornell University – is analogous to a watershed in its function, in that it is defined as the region that produces food for a particular population. Creating foodshed calculations requires a fair amount of data, but much of it is already available in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) format, through government surveys and scientific studies. The calculation requires statistics on dietary needs, food transportation, agricultural efficiency, climate and production potential.

    If we want to reduce our foodprint, it is time we begin to pay attention to the sustainability and geography of our foodshed. With government assistance, it could be feasible to organize food cultivation and distribution in a sustainable, local manner, based on foodshed maps. This strategy is replicable for many regions, as the researchers involved in the initial study have already started developing foodshed maps beyond NY to NM, MI and MO….

    So Cornell coined the word ‘Foodshed’ and now has scrubbed the internet of easy access to references that connection the word and Cornell!

    Seems Rosa Koire is flying over the target!

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