How Much Does Obama Love America?

Obama loves America this much :


In a stirring sermon that weaved the hopefulness of past African generations with dreams for the future, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. preached his final sermon Sunday at Trinity United Church of Christ, leaving a 36-year legacy as pastor and activist in the black community.

Despite the howl of a bitter wind, hundreds packed into Trinity, 400 West 95th Street, to hear Wright, 66, a fiery speaker, preach at the church one last time. Wright had served as spiritual mentor to Sen. Barack Obama. In the late 1980s, Obama joined Trinity and would later base his historic speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention on a Wright sermon called “Audacity to Hope.”

Barack Obama spiritual mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., preaches last sermon at Trinity United Church of Christ – Chicago Tribune

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13 Responses to How Much Does Obama Love America?

  1. gator69 says:

    See! He is a Christian! A GD Christian.

    • Gail Combs says:

      And Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. like Obummer is a Muslim practicing deception upon the enemy.

      Doing a darn fine job of it too.

  2. SxyxS says:

    I think all four friends of Obama who died shortly before Obama was elected for president,were members of the trinity church and gay.(i guess we are used to such kind of coincidences since Kennedy was killed)
    And Obama has two non-christian names ,which make even my uncle(a muslim with 0 sense for conspiracies) say that he
    Still wondering what kind of church this is
    and am still waiting when the first black preachers who never waste a chance to bash your country(and i share many point of views about the dangers of the US industrial-military complex)will finally start to expose the systematicall
    enslavement of black people by arab muslims in africa that is still going on in mauretania,mali,north sudan etc

    • Gail Combs says:

      SxyxS, the name is the tell. My Grandfather was a Muslim from Syria and upon turning Christian changed his name to Frank. Cassius Clay on the other hand changed his to Muhammad Ali.

      It would seem the Arab slavers are now completely unknown to the blacks in the USA. (It were Whitey…)

      This is a black mag, and the reaction to the story is jaw dropping. WHAT in heck are they teaching in schools these days?

      10 Facts About The Arab Enslavement Of Black People Not Taught In Schools

      • nielszoo says:

        They conveniently forget that it was the Slave Trade where traders (not necessarily “white”) bought “black” slaves from “black” slave owners in Africa and took them to the New World to trade for sugar, rum, cotton or other (mostly) raw goods. The “black” slaves were usually taken captive by enemy tribes and traded for “trinkets” and rum from slave markets in the triangle trade of the time. Everyone has this ridiculous, historically challenged view of ships full of evil white slavers dropping anchor, raiding villages, taking everyone prisoner and shoving them into the hold. Hollywood fantasy. That wouldn’t be much of a business model in those days.

        • gator69 says:

          Alex Haley’s fictional book ‘Roots’ had much to do with the current view of slavery. Most people have no idea that the entire Kunta Kinte episode was completely made up. Even Louis Robert Gates has said that Roots is fiction. But the self loathing leftists still hold it up as fact.

          Fun fact: The first slave owner in America, Anthony Johnson, was black.

      • SxyxS says:

        Say thank you to your grandfather for doing the right thing.

        Sadly my uncle(two of them) went the wrong way and became muslims(they already
        were from muslim origin but non-religious as from a communist country)
        Both turned into idiots(they they have studied and are not stupid but well educated)
        after going back to their ‘roots’ because of saudi arabian money in serbia.
        They first were paid to go to the mosque-know they have to go.

        I cannot read your link from my mobile but i’m pretty sure i know how the reactions are(politically correct/islam protecting/white man blaming),
        but those people have been doctrinated since the hippie movement which was started to bring us backdoor communism via political correctness.

        Christians have been slave trading for 400 years,muslims in cooperation with jewish slave traders(all three abrahimidic religions engaged in these crime) since mohammed until now(and white people used existing muslim ‘slavery-infrastructure’,and every black slave knowing about how muslims treated their slaves would prefer to be enslaved by the white man,because the muslims castrated themand cut of their d*cks.

        But at least the arabs are not racist πŸ™‚
        as they have been enslaving black people and white people and jewish people.


        Arab muslims have been blackmailing black tribes.They either had to catch slaves for the arabs or would themselves been enslaved or killed by the arabs.

  3. gator69 says:

    How Much Does Obama Love America?

    About as much as Olbermann loves Penn State…

    I guess he was trying to get some viewers.

  4. NancyG says:

    I remember the controversy when Obama didn’t put his hand over his heart. And again when he didn’t wear a flag lapel pin like previous presidents. I think a large part of the public’s problem is that they have short memories.

  5. shazaam says:

    Now, now…. Think this through. If Obama hated America, what would he be doing differently?

    Oh wait…………….

  6. Llanero says:

    Oh c’mon, I’m sure that Obama doesn’t hate America any more than the other jihadis.

  7. Scott M says:

    Yet he was reelected……Im surprised he hasnt had your blog shut down ….

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