St Patrick’s Day, 1936

On St. Patty’s Day, 1936 most of the Eastern US was underwater. The water at Pittsburgh was 46 feet deep.  My grandfather was rescued from downtown Pittsburgh by boat. Floodwaters threatened the Capitol Building and White House.

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ScreenHunter_368 Feb. 23 11.36

Flood Situation by States – Flood Situation by States – View Article –


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12 Responses to St Patrick’s Day, 1936

  1. NancyG says:

    Wow. I never knew about the floods. My parents were 6 at the time and even though they might not remember anything I’m surprised they didn’t learn about it at some point. Or if they did they never mentioned it to us kids. My father would have been in Brooklyn, NY and my mother was in eastern PA.

    • My grandfather lived in Brooklyn, but was on a business trip to Pittsburgh at the time.

      Does your father remember the 1938 hurricane?

      • Bob123 says:

        I grew up on an Island in Rhode Island. My family talked about the 38 hurricane all the time. I bring it up everytime the alarmists go on and on about “super storm” Sandy.

      • NancyG says:

        Sorry, I just checked back in this thread. My father is dead now so I can’t ask, but I never heard him speak about it. I do know he wasn’t afraid of natural disasters because we never left our home even if there was an evacuation advisory. I guess when I was growing up my dad was skeptical of the media and weather/storm projections.

  2. nielszoo says:

    Ummm… how do we get it to flood Washington DC today? If more CO2 can do it I’ll start shaking up soda cans and popping tops as fast as I can.

  3. gator69 says:

    Incredible find Tony! This, like so many of your other posts, just went out to everyone I know.

  4. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Steven, for reminding society of reality.

    Totalitarian control of society depends on deception, and honesty is probably the only hope for society’s recovery.

  5. Windsong says:

    Imagine the present day government response to a similar flooding event. Various Bill of Rights guarantees would be sidelined left and right (e.g. New Orleans after Katrina). Looking over the state by state recap, the loss of life is very large. Interesting to see that only Vermont is reported to have called out their National Guard, despite other references to looting.

    But, the biggest difference by far: Pres. Roosevelt asking for contributions to a Red Cross relief fund. Doesn’t sound like Uncle Sam was about to open up the purse strings. (Of course, the “purse” was already pretty empty in 1936.)

  6. Dave N says:

    Sadly, history lessons don’t cure alarmists like Hope Forabrain

  7. rah says:

    Just imagine what we would have being pumped out from the press and the alarmists if this was happening now. It makes one head swim.

  8. emsnews says:

    Way back in 1984 or around then, I went kayaking in Washington, DC. during a big flood there. Great way to tour the city.

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