Ross Ice Shelf Receded 30 Miles By 1930

Alarmists blame global warming for melting the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, a process which has been going on for centuries.

ScreenHunter_7963 Mar. 16 23.07

21 Jul 1932 – A Warmer World.

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4 Responses to Ross Ice Shelf Receded 30 Miles By 1930

  1. The West Antarctic ice sheet sits on bedrock which is below sea level. It formed during the ice age but the sea level rose 12,000 years ago and has been chipping away at it ever since. What happens to ice which sits on rock which is below sea level? Hint: it has nothing to do with CO2.

  2. Dorian says:

    Or how about the more obvious…undersea volcanoes!

    They were discovered only 5 years ago. Yet the wackos in the AGW seem to discard, per usual, the facts and real science.
    Here read it for yourselves Undersea volcanoes discovered around Antarctica – going a long way to explain why some of the ice shelves are melting

    This is another clear example where up until 2010, the religious blame the sins of Man for the crimes of Earth, then all of a sudden, rational object competent work is done, and the religious AGWers are found out once again.

    Its been 5 years now, explain to me, why, WHY, when all these volcanoes, and of course all their MANY hydrothermal vents that would be scattered all around there, people STILL persist to ignore these salient facts, and keep pushing the utter ridiculous stories of fantasy of global warming Man? HERE IS PROOF of Man’s innocence, and yet incompetent governments, the corrupt IPCC and every other liberal lunatic and scientist moron that wants to persist in believing that Man is guilty of the melting of the ice shelves in Antarctica.

    Undersea volcanoes around Antarctica, all because they can’t been seen and heard, they don’t exist, and that’s the problem with all this idiocy, there is so much we do not yet know about the Earth and its thermodynamic and entropic behaviour that those with limited knowledge think they can make grandiose conclusions; you know what they say about how a little bit of knowledge is more dangerous than a lot of it. The crime that is really occurring, is HUMAN ARROGANCE AND EGOISM.

    • Duke ilver says:

      I remember reading a mathematical assessment of the likelihood that warming air could change the temperature of that (much denser) medium we call water. IIRC, going on he assumption that the warming was equal to the IPCCs worst scenario then approximately 0.5 degree C change could accrue in the upper 0.5cm of the ocean over a period f 100 years based on known thermodynamics.

      In light of that assessment I’m surprised that more money hasnt gone into understanding the phenomenon of oceanic warming. Especially given that even many warmists will admit that the majority of warming has been oceanic in nature.

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