NCDC US Temperature Fraud Update

Thermometers show that the US has been cooling for 80 years, since the very hot years of the 1930’s

ScreenHunter_8536 Apr. 12 05.12

This cooling trend is unacceptable for their theory, funding and political needs, so NCDC simply alters the data to make it look like the US is warming.

ScreenHunter_8537 Apr. 12 05.13

The animation below flashed between measured and reported temperature


They accomplish this transformation using a spectacular hockey stick of data tampering, which has skyrocketed since 1980, and is approaching two degrees.

ScreenHunter_8531 Apr. 12 05.02

Most of this post-1980 hockey stick appears to be due to loss of rural station data. They use an algorithm where missing temperatures are filled in with temperatures from other stations in the same general geographic area. The missing data is marked in their data set with an ‘E’

ScreenHunter_8539 Apr. 12 05.44

In 1980, around 5% of their data was marked with an ‘E’. Now it is over 40%. Most of the missing data is from cooler rural stations, which is then replaced with warmer urban temperatures.

ScreenHunter_8538 Apr. 12 05.26

What this does is smear UHI contaminated urban temperatures in with rural temperatures, creating a warming trend which simply doesn’t exist. This enables an entire $29 billion per year industry of meaningless junk climate science.


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22 Responses to NCDC US Temperature Fraud Update

  1. richard says:

    I wonder how much hotter the 19th century and early 20th century would have been without the cooling after effects of 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora and 1883 Krakatoa.

  2. David A says:

    In doing these adjustments, any baseline is ever changing, is it not?
    ? I notice that the vast majority of the positive adjustments are post the 1998 period, The statement;
    “Most of this post-1980 hockey stick appears to be due to loss of rural station data. They use an algorithm where missing temperatures are filled in with temperatures from other stations in the same general geographic area. The missing data is marked in their data set with an ‘E’”
    would then apply mostly to the positive adjustments post that period, would it not?

    The continues cooling of the past is most interesting as well, and apparently goes far beyond TOBS adjustments. have you looked into these continuing .01 degree adjustments, or ever even heard of a reason for why this continues?.,,
    “Here are the changes made to GISS temperatures on just one day this February. Yellow is the new temperature assumption and strikeout is the previous number. Almost every single monthly temperature record from 1880 to 1950 was adjusted down by 0.01C.”

  3. omanuel says:

    Steven Goddard recognized AGW as the latest chapter in SEVEN DECADES OF COMMUNIST LIES (1945-2015) – disguised as consensus science with lucrative research grants, Nobel and Crafoord Prizes – to hide the CREATION OF THE WORLD five billion years (5 Ga) ago, exactly as Paul Kazuo Kuroda realized while standing in the ruins of Hiroshima in August 1945:

    P. K. Kuroda, The Origin of the Chemical Elements and the Oklo Phenomenon (Springer Publishing, 165 pages; December 1982) Quote is in last four lines on page 2.

    “I became overwhelmed by the power of nuclear energy. The sight before my eyes was just like the end of the world, but I also felt that THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD MAY HAVE BEEN JUST LIKE THIS.

    The explosion of Uranium atoms that destroyed Hiroshima seventy years ago was indeed exactly like the explosion of the Sun that created the world five billion years (5Ga) ago.

    Imaginary SuperHeavy Element (SHE) fission hid earlier experimental confirmation in 1972-79.

    1972: “Xenon in carbonaceous chondrites”, Nature 240, 99-101 (1972);
    1977: “Strange xenon, extinct super-heavy elements, and the solar neutrino puzzle”, Science 195, 208-209 (1977):
    1979: “Isotopes of tellurium, xenon and krypton in the Allende meteorite retain record of nucleosynthesis”, Nature 277, 615-620 (1979):

  4. Disillusioned says:


    Thank you for this post. It is the best explanation to date as to how NOAA NCDC is manipulating US temperatures. It blows the TOBs explanation (excuse) out of the water. The massive removal of rural station temps since the 1980s, and interpolation or extrapolation of temps from nearby urban heat islands is clearly a separate issue from NCDC’s Time of Observation Bias (TOBs) explanation (excuse), because we’re talking about temps being raised post-1980.

    As David above points out, the systematic, irregular, continued cooling of the past apparently goes far beyond NCDC’s original Time of Observation Bias (TOBs) adjustments explanations (excuses) for why they lowered temps prior to the 1980s.

    It is no wonder the widening gap between the satellite data and land station data continues to diverge; it all adds up to a completely corrupted/highly manipulated temperature record. Precisely because it doesn’t add up.

  5. gator69 says:

    It was ‘adjustments’ and this kind of station dropping that proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that CAGW was indeed Mann (et al) made, and a pure scam…

    There is no scientific reasoning for the station dropoff seen toward the end of the video, it is pure fraud.

  6. Sean Cash says:

    AGW is actually a temporal distortion of space time..
    The reason the past keeps cooling and the current is getting warmers; is this distortion is sucking the heat from the past to the present…

    Thats the only logical explanation .. otherwise it would mean they are lying for their own aggrandizement… and we know scientist would never do that .

    • Your explanation is more plausible than the logical contortions we’ve heard before. We should add that since everything is happening at quantum level, the state of the space-time energy equilibrium remains indeterminate and the heat doesn’t start sucking until NCDC observers make it happen by looking into it, one particle-wave at a time. That’s why climate science is so labor intensive, tedious and expensive. Deniers don’t have a clue how hard these public servants are working.

    • nielszoo says:

      That makes perfect sense now. Trenberth’s missing heat is at the other end of an Einstein-Rosen bridge. I mean, who knew that Mann made CO2 causes wormhole formation to increase… it’s truly evil stuff.

  7. Andy DC says:

    Big cold, like the last two winters, requires big adjustments. It is a dead give away that the alarmist temperatures charts always show such a steady, smooth uptrend. Even if there was a warming trend, it would still be jagged with a lot of ups and downs. Nothing in weather is as orderly as what our alamist friends are trying to depict. It is laughable for anyone with half a brain.

    • nielszoo says:

      Half a brain? What, are you adding up all of the brain mass of ALL the folks that will be heading off to Paris? Are you sure it will make it all the way to a half?

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