How Congress Can End The Climate Scam

Climate scientists are government contractors. The White House distributes $29 billion per year to academics who will go along with their global warming scam, via fake studies and tampered data.

Congress can end this scam by funding actual climate science. People like Dr. Willie Soon and Dr. Bill Gray are doing research into the actual factors which influence climate, and Congress can move the science back towards legitimacy by directing funding towards a diverse group of theories and demanding debate – which is how science is supposed to work. Congress should also hire independent data experts to examine the temperature record.

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Dr. Bill Gray points to the non-existent tropospheric hot spot, which shows that CO2 centric climate research is completely broken.

Climate scientists like Gavin Schmidt, Tom Karl and James Hansen have conflicts of interest, and the wrong skill set. They are incapable of delivering a legitimate analysis of the temperature record.

Republicans in Congress control the purse strings. They need to use this to restore sanity to climate science. As long as the White House is allowed to direct funding to propagandists – all we are going to get is propaganda. Scientists will follow the money wherever it leads. Congress needs to send them down a different path.

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11 Responses to How Congress Can End The Climate Scam

  1. omanuel says:

    How? Take back control of budget review of federal research agencies from the self-perpetuating private group call the US NAS (National Academy of Sciences).

  2. gator69 says:

    So I have just one wish for you – the good luck to be somewhere where you are free to maintain the kind of integrity I have described, and where you do not feel forced by a need to maintain your position in the organization, or financial support, or so on, to lose your integrity. May you have that freedom.
    -Richard Feyman, Caltech commencement address, 1974

    • darrylb says:

      Gator, that freedom has been has been suppressed by top down infiltration of much of the USA educational system and much of the broad main stream media.
      It is heresy to state the obvious in some places.
      Reading today’s paper, there is another broad attack on police forces, of which I expect there may be some problems some places. However, the writer once again put forward the accurate, but very misleading statistic involving more blacks than whites being shot by police officers, and more in jail etc.
      Neglecting to say that more blacks are also shot than whites by a large margin, and most of those were blacks on blacks. The obvious conclusion is that more blacks are committing crimes
      Until the fact that in some areas, the problem is a cultural, parental problem in addition to economic and more.
      It may be that a terrible history involving white supremacy is a significant factor, but at this point we have to deal with things as they are. My wonderful black friends know this and are alarmed by it and try in someways to make changes.
      However, others are unwilling to objectively look at situations at hand without emotional bias.

      • gator69 says:

        I grew up seeing only the colors of uniforms, and not skin. As school kids on miltary bases, we discriminated by the uniforms of our fathers, and not by ethnicity. My parents were supportes of MLK Jr in the fifties and sixties, both of them were raised in the Deep South, and my best friend in High School was black. My father mentored young black military men when we lived in Gainesville Florida in the mid sixties, and one of my greatest joys was riding in a brand new Corvette with one of his black students.

        Then I went to work in E St Louis, and my eyes were opened to a culture I had never seen before, and it was rotten to the core.

        You are right, it isn’t the color of the skin, but the content of the character, and the culture. And if we cannot talk honestly about this, it will never be resolved. But seeing as shame died in my lifetime, I do not see any solving this problem.

        • darrylb says:

          Noted Gator. but there are going to remain some who will face the wrath to meet problems head on.
          Here is an interesting bit of info that my daughter would be furious at me for divulging.
          She and her husband had four children.
          He then had a vasectomy.
          They then decided that was not the right to do.
          He then undid it.
          Now they have six. He is a teacher and they home school.
          Those children ages 2 to 15 were here today.
          Absolutely wonderful. Then again I am biased.
          They have some challenges, but the meet them head on.

          The thing is we have to have a majority, regardless of race, that have
          strong family values, characterized by integrity, honesty, responsibility for actions,
          respect, hard work leading to self worth and all the things that I think, Gator, you and I and I expect most everyone who writes here value

          Now, forget that I wrote about the vasectomy thing 🙂
          I do not want my wife to read this either.

        • rah says:

          I was the exact same for me Gator. But while attending the longest portion of SF medic training a Ft. Sam Houston called “300F1” we still had racial problems in the military. Fact, was that blacks thought they owned the enlisted mans club. Fact was that the Master or Arms at that club was black and took their side. Fact was that a bunch of us white guys, which every soldier in my class of 60 that started was, that thought we were bad ass soldiers and in training to be Special Forces and led by a few SF qualified guys that came to the course after serving on teams to be medics thought that was BS. Fact was that those black soldiers would not take us on heads up and started laying outside the club to beat the the hell out of individuals of my class when they came outside at night. Fact was that once we figured out what was going on, several of us, led by an SF qualified guy attending the course, laid ambushes for them to catch them in the act and ended that kind of activity in the most convincing way.

          But that didn’t end it. Fact was that the post commander that was a white Colonel ordered that we were banned from that club. Fact was that the Major General who commanded Health Services Command and who’s command made up 95% of the the soldiers on that post and who had a Sgt Major that was former SF told the Post Commander that he was violating military law and that he could not make such a ruling and if he thought he could he would ban any member of his command from entering that club. Fact was that there was no way “Permanent Party” or IOW the administrative, policing, and maintenance personnel at that post could provide the revenue to keep that club open.

          So the very next day after the Health Services Command General made that clear to the post commander the Sr. SF liaison Sgt. took us after class, briefed us what we were going to do and then we marched into that club in formal military order including “file from the left column left” through the door and sat down and drank one beer and then left in the exact same manner and nothing was done. We kept our noses clean but it wasn’t over.

          That hurdle jumped the black MPs on the post started on us. So we pulled a raid on their barracks and it wasn’t pretty. We beat the living shit out of them one night when they didn’t see it coming. It was made clear to them that it would happen again if they kept up it up and their harassment ended.

          That is what it took to stop that BS once and for all. But we weren’t done. Very early in the morning the day we graduated we took two loads of black powder in tin foil pouches to the 75 mm Pack Howitzers located at the truk (For those not versed in military language/slang that is the post flag pole where functioning ceremonial artillery is normally located.) We loaded those tow pieces with golf balls and closed the breach blocks almost all the way allowing just enough gap to touch them off with fuse . The Post commanders quarters with it’s glass enclosed porch was the target and we hit it.

          From that time on I never ran into a another case of racism in the US Army. In fact before that at Basic Training, AIT, Jump School, or the first phase of SF training had I never experienced it in the military. My DI in basic was a big muscular black guy named Haywood and he was an excellent DI and I will remember him to the day I die. Many of the black hats at Jump school were black guys, including 1st Sgt Laurandine and they were all consummate professionals

        • richard clenney says:

          Gator, while watching washington journal, a lady called in, from ferguson, angry that
          the security tapes showing the incident in the store were being shown. I almost fell off
          my seat; quote she said; ” THAT’S NOT STEALING, THAT’S SHOPLIFTING”. That shows a bone-deep cultural difference. People make cultures, cultures do not exist in a vaccum.
          Until that culture changes, that kind of behavior will not change.

  3. markstoval says:

    The Republicans will break your heart. They have never rolled back anything. They do slow down the slide a bit at times, but we need more than they have so far delivered.

    One problem with de-funding climate “science” is that they will be called “anti-science” in every main stream media outlet in the western world. They don’t have the balls to take that kind of heat.

    What this country really needs is about 90 percent less federal government. (as a start)

    • darrylb says:

      Perhaps, Marks. de-funding is not the answer, but rather ensuring funding is given to all climate/weather related studies.
      A major problem was that the leadership of the major science organizations was somehow engulfed by the AGW gang. This fact, in some cases has caused anger within the organizations But, the leadership, often with political dove tails, quite often control the money.
      Consider the 496 black listed members done by graduate students of the now deceased Stephen Schneider. Names like Freeman Dyson on it.
      Imagine that,— grad students blacklisting the likes of Dyson.

  4. Robertv says:

    Suffer from hallucinations ?

  5. “…As they keep us afraid fortunes are being made,
    In the name of saving our earth;
    From climate scientists to Al Gore, now all earning much more;
    Alarmism increasing net worth.

    So don’t be fooled into thinking, by any benefit that they’re linking,
    That the planet is their real concern;
    Who’s going to want to deny, or admit to the lie,
    And risk the amount that they earn?…”
    Read more:

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