1977 – National Geographic Blamed Identical Weather On Global Cooling

In 1977, National Geographic blamed an almost identical weather pattern as 2015 – on global cooling.

ScreenHunter_9227 May. 13 08.49

ScreenHunter_9219 May. 13 08.37ScreenHunter_9226 May. 13 08.41

A ridge of high pressure over California, a deep dip in the jet stream on the East Coast.

ScreenHunter_9220 May. 13 08.38

Heat and drought in California

ScreenHunter_9224 May. 13 08.39 ScreenHunter_9223 May. 13 08.39

Bitter cold and deep snow in the East.

ScreenHunter_9222 May. 13 08.38 ScreenHunter_9221 May. 13 08.38

They could have recycled the identical article this year, and replaced the word cooling with warming.

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15 Responses to 1977 – National Geographic Blamed Identical Weather On Global Cooling

  1. dmacleo says:

    I remember great snowmobiling here (central maine) from about 11-1976 to 3-1978.
    we used to go out a few times a week to visit family 30 miles (by trail) away and it was good machine weather.

    • dmacleo says:

      that should be 11-1976 to 3-1977 and 11-1977 to 3-1978
      we generally stored the machines in spring and summer.
      the air cooled ones were never really good at grass drags like I used to do in mid 1990’s.

    • Yep, 2015 has been Identical to 1977…. amazing…

      Except our Highly Paid and High IQ Scientists now blame heat and CO2 for the cold ….

  2. weatherguru says:

    This is a fantastic post.

  3. James Strom says:

    Fred Singer has been exploring the idea of preparing for global cooling. He’s not exactly predicting it, but he’s suggesting that we should investigate climate engineering technologies. Here’s his latest.


    • cynical seamus says:

      Fred will never make a Climate Scientist – he shoots himself in the foot with the statement “Obviously, all predictions must be validated by direct observations.” The very idea! /sarc off

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  5. sfx2020 says:

    I remember that year well. One big difference in the winter this year stands out. Florida did not get the terrible cold in 2015, the fronts hardly made it to Florida.

  6. Steve Case says:

    I agree, fantastic post.

  7. Psalmon says:


  8. Psalmon says:

    The weather is about to get wilder. SNOW threatens the Tour of California cycling race. Southern CA, Mid May, Snow. And not just a little…8 to 12 in. Well I didn’t see that coming.


  9. The article quotes George Kukla, a sharp scientist.

  10. Psalmon says:

    Snow has forced the Tour of California to officially relocate Stage 6:


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