Huffington Post Vying For Stupidest Article Ever

You really can’t make up stupid like this

The Arctic is screaming. Can you hear her in the floods of Houston, the drought in California and the epic snowfall in Boston this past winter? In Alaska, the only Arctic state in the United States, it was a record-smashing 89 degrees in Anchorage at 6:30 at night on June 15, 2015, one of several 80 degree days. Historically, June temperatures fluctuate between the mid-60s to mid-70s. Currently, 238 wildfires, burning 408 square miles, are forcing the evacuation of residents in several communities. Fifty-seven new fires ignited on June 22.

Our collective failure to limit greenhouse gas emissions has pushed atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide — the primary driver of climate change — to levels not seen for millions of years, when the Earth did not support human life. These increases are causing significant changes in the Earth system and most profoundly in the Arctic. In the last half-century, Alaska and the Arctic have warmed twice as fast as the global average.

The Arctic Is Speaking Truths About Climate Change. Is Anyone Listening? | Robin Bronen

In 1934, Alaska was over 100 degrees. CO2 was 310 PPM

ScreenHunter_9780 Jun. 26 03.01


In 1935, Texas set the world record for rainfall – with 22 inches in less than three hours.

ScreenHunter_9505 May. 25 10.29

Extreme Weather: A Guide & Record Book – Christopher C. Burt – Google Books

Greenland is having their coldest year on record.

These morons see perfectly ordinary events, and link them to their superstitions.

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27 Responses to Huffington Post Vying For Stupidest Article Ever

  1. gator69 says:

    …levels not seen for millions of years, when the Earth did not support human life.

    • So, every time humans evolved millions of years ago, they died off until CO2 came down to safe levels. Nice.

      When I worked the greenhouses in college as my work-study job, the CO2 level was 2000 ppm. all day in there, and nobody noticed a thing.

      • cfgj says:

        There were no “humans” millions of years ago. I guess that was the point.

        • No, idiot. They said the Earth did not support human life. They were implying that conditions were not favorable to human life, they did not say humans hadn’t evolved yet. They were hoping to convince readers with IQ’s lower than 40 (you) that the reason there were no humans back then was the CO2 was too high. The fact that you are still on their side shows that you are a communist and I don’t talk to commies because of the 3 rules of DD Ramone.

          2. be nice to mommy
          3. don’t talk to commies
          4. eat kosher salami

          I abide by DD’s 3rd rule

        • AndyG55 says:

          OMG , cfnt, you surely are a dumb **** !!

        • AndyG55 says:

          There may not have been humans, but there were a heck of a lot of other CARBON based animals !!

          You know.. like you are !!

          Carbon is your life.. you are carbon.. get used to it , fool !!!

        • rah says:

          “The Point” is that the article is absolute hyperbolic BS that is meant to persuade and not to inform people of reality. I wish it was a caricature of what the US press has become, but it isn’t. It’s an accurate portrayal. Our children will know what snow is, but many of them will grow up not knowing what good journalism is.

  2. The global warming contagion
    Is so difficult to kill,
    If the politicians don’t infect you
    The media sure will!

  3. omanuel says:

    They scream to protest Tony Heller’s destruction of seventy years of consensus science, directed by the giant, worldwide “Ministry of Consensus Science (UN)Truths that frightened world leaders established on 24 OCT 1945 by uniting nations (UN) and national academies of sciences (NAS) worldwide to forbid public knowledge of the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima on 6 AUG 1945 and also made and sustains every atom, life and world in the universe: NEUTRON REPULSION.

    More later.

  4. SMS says:

    In the mean time, Gina McCarthy of the EPA thinks skeptics are not normal people.

    But then again, Gina thinks a small increase in a trace gas justifies destroying the US and European economies; which will lead to untold deaths. Is the media going to keep score on the death count? Not likely, but if they do, it will be to blame George Bush.

    Just another example of a religious inquisition lead by blind zealots exterminating the non-believers. It will be a race to who kills more; the EPA or ISIS.

    • AndyG55 says:

      She is quite correct. Normal people are drones that unthinkingly follow the AGW mantra, that has been brain-washed into the general populace.

      The non-normal ones are those with the ability to reason and think and have been able to resist the fire hose.

      I choose to retain my brain, and be non-normal.

  5. winnipeg boy says:

    Why don’t they just say it…The sky is falling!

    • Rico L says:

      The sky is going to fall…. sometime in the future… no not tomorrow, or the next day…. but soon…. in the future…. yes… the sky is predicted to possibly fall…

      • Gail Combs says:


        I heard the sky starting to fall last night.

        Actually I was treated to more than an hour long display of almost continuous lightening while driving south on 421 from the NC/Virginia border. I couldn’t hear a sound of thunder over the diesel engine but the display was incredible.

        No one was killed this time that I know of but there were two deaths here in NC in April.

        • gator69 says:

          Hey Gail! My property sits up on a ridge that allows 360 degree views without obstruction, and I can see storms over at least 7 states when conditions are right. This past week I was under heavy cloud cover that limited my scope, but I still had constant lightning that lasted over 24 hours. I have lived here for 13 years now and never seen clouds or lightning like I have this past year. The skies resemble fall skies, and the clouds reminds me of the mid 1970’s, when I lived in Germany. This is an amazing planet, and I am grateful for each day on it.

        • rah says:

          Had nights like that! They are long. Not because of the rain and lightning but because of other drivers. The bigger the truck the bigger the tires and thus the less the wet roads affect ones ability to keep it between the lines. Also higher up one is out of most of the mist except of course when behind or passing another rig. So usually one can see better and travel faster than most of the traffic in a hard rain but you never know what others are going to do. It’s the same in snow.

          May acre here in central Indiana is pretty much saturated now after a full day of rain. But it has stopped and as I write this I have the window cranked open beside me and am listening to the tree frogs and crickets. Because it has been so wet through the spring one could close their eyes and believe they’re in a Louisiana swamp because of the sounds.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Well, theoretically, when the sky is clouds, it does fall eventually.

      In fact.. the sky is always trying to fall, but the stuff lower down holds it up.

      PE vs KE etc.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Thus the pressure gradient.

      Thus the so-called greenhouse effect.

  6. omanuel says:


    Fifteen years ago, in they spring semester of 2000, five students enrolled in a graduate course, “Special Topics in Nuclear Chemistry” (Chem 471) and I discovered indisputable evidence of NEUTRON REPULSION by plotting values of Nobel Laureate F. W. Aston’s nuclear packing fractions [1] in a 3-D (three-dimensional) plot of reduced nuclear variables, “THE CRADLE OF THE NUCLIDES.”

    The next year, this special copy of “THE CRADLE OF THE NUCLIDES” was sent to my research mentor, the late Professor of Nuclear Geochemistry at the University of Arkansas, DR. PAUL KAZUO KURODA, who had by then retired and was near death in Las Vegas.

    Click to access Fear_Not.pdf

    THE CRADLE OF THE NUCLIDES was published in several peer-reviewed research journals after 2000 (See references in [2]) to show that NEUTRON REPULSION powers the Sun and the cosmos, but those papers were always ignored by members of the National Academy of Sciences for reasons that became clear only after Climategate emails were released in late NOV 2009:

    World leaders, frightened by unreported events in the closing days of WWII and by the warning in the last paragraph of Aston’s Nobel Lecture on 12 Dec 1922 [2], united nations (UN) and national academies of science (NAS) into a giant, worldwide “Ministry of Consensus Science (UN)Truths” on 24 OCT 1945 to save the world from nuclear annihilation by forbidding public knowledge of NEUTRON REPULSION, the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 & 9 AUG 1945.


    1. Francis William Aston, “Mass spectra and isotopes,” Nobel Prize Lecture (12 Dec 1922): or

    2. Oliver K. Manuel, “Solar energy,” Advances in Astronomy, submitted 1 Sept 2014, privately published 17 Mar 2015):

    • Robertv says:

      Omanuel why not make a video Youtube presentation . Some people with a lower IQ, like me ,need a visual explanation to get the idea.

  7. Andy DC says:

    The screaming Arctic has apparently also created:

    Record corn and soybean crops
    A record 10 years without a major landfalling hurricane in the US
    A record period of hurricane free years in Florida
    Four straight below average tornado seasons in the US
    2 straight seasons of much above normal ice on the Great Lakes
    Yet another slow fire season in the US
    Less than 20% of the US in severe drought, compared to 80% in 1934
    A noted downtrend in 90 and 100 degree heat in the US

  8. nutso fasst says:

    “…record-smashing 89 degrees in Anchorage…on June 15…”

    WHERE in Anchorage? Smashing WHAT record?

    At Anchorage Int’l Airport, official high on June 15, 2015, was 83°F
    On June 14, 1969, it was 85°F

    At Anchorage Merrill Field, official high on June 15, 2015, was 86°F
    On June 26, 1931, it was 92°F

    I can’t post at HuffPo. Would someone please tell Ms. Bronan she’s full of shit?

  9. Billy Liar says:

    97% of Huffington Post readers are wondering where the Arctic is.

  10. Dave N says:

    Why does anyone bother even reading HuffPo any more? Just to show how stupid they are?

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