Massive Climate Fraud In California

Due to very warm water off the cast of California the last two years, there has been a spike in temperatures. Climate experts have determined that this spike is due to CO2.

One of the few truly rural stations in California with a long term record is at Cedarville, in the northeast corner of the state. Cedarville was much hotter during the 1920’s and 1930’s, but facts don’t matter to climate fraudsters.

ScreenHunter_10190 Aug. 26 07.03ScreenHunter_10188 Aug. 26 06.51ScreenHunter_10189 Aug. 26 06.55

Same pattern at Orland, CA

ScreenHunter_10191 Aug. 26 13.54


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6 Responses to Massive Climate Fraud In California

  1. Psalmon says:

    I recall Orland CA in the central valley also had a stable sensor, well positioned, not impacted by UHI.

  2. Great post. Why aren’t the guys doing this being prosecuted?

  3. Andy DC says:

    On July 14, 1936, the 113 weather stations in Iowa had an AVERAGE high temperature of 108.7 degrees! I wonder the last time that ANY weather station in Iowa reached 108.7 degrees?

    I don’t care if they single, double or even triple counted that 108.7 high temperature, it is still much hotter than anything in recent years.

  4. zebo says:

    Well,in the case of California we don’t even need some old graphs with anomalies to prove
    how full of sh!t climate scientists are and that california drought proves nothing.
    We just need to take a closer look at this state and we will find out that huge parts of california are deserts-and deserts are result of tens of thousands of years of drought-
    long time before the first fossil fuel was burned.
    California has been a desert since a very long time and droughts the most normal thing.
    And maybe(i’m not sure as i’m no expert)
    just maybe we will find out that 10s of millions of years ago when co2 was not just at 400 but at 1000+ ppm california was a wet ,rainy dschungle.
    (and maybe someone should tell people that you will run out of water very fast if you build big cities in the desert-that’s the biggest problem)

  5. juanmirre says:

    SOLVE THE DANGEROUS AGW & poison CO2! Be smart as Indians, switch to DWARF CATTLE (and why not dwarf pigs, dwarf lambs, dwarf whatever)

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